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Be about the dream job and have to be about your job or career right now we're opening up to those phone calls as well because sometimes you just need a sounding board and we're happy to be that for you eight four four seven four seven two five seven seven we go to Kansas city Missouri we're just enjoying this Justin you're on the Ken Coleman show thank you and thanks for taking my call was drinks to being a sounding board you bet man what's happening so I have become really clear about what I want to do with my life and my career I'm currently in a teaching slash public speaking role and I've become quite clear that I want to enter into the law enforcement aspect and so I'm really far along in the process with several agencies I've gotta interview lined up on Thursday but the thing I'm struggling with at least is that when it comes time to tell my employer that I'm leading that's where I am struggling with a little bit of fear and I know I should be I know it is not something that should fear but I don't I don't know how to overcome it and so I just I've got some fear going on a local warrant wondering you know what is my current employer gonna say you know what are my peers gonna say that they've known I worked so long went to college for the job that I have now and so I guess what I'm asking is do you have any words of encouragement and speak some truth into my heart to help me reach the job that I love and want to be in yeah well you're doing a fine job reaching it you don't need my help reaching it you're you're about ready to grab what you need is a process for overcoming fear fear never disappears but you can't overcome it there's three ways to overcome it okay it's a three step process I'm gonna walk you through it on the air and that way we can teach everybody else has itself sounds great all right so you already did step one of overcoming fear you named it you're afraid of what others are going to say I call this the fear of peers could be family certainly co workers your former employer every excuse me your current employer that's what you name it so you name it that's what your freedom people gone lost your mind yeah what's wrong with you are you crazy that's what you're worried about right correct this is not smart you worry about that so you worry about what others are going to say all right great so now the second step is to deconstruct the fear let's put let's put it on trial K. our if anybody actually says that are they correct not really that was very convincing no no because I I really love what I'm trying to get into well let's just assume that somebody says that how how how much of a how many what what I'm sure that you have to say this what is the percentage chance that you think that that your your peers your friends family co workers our current leaders are going to ridicule you make fun of you and tell you that you've lost your mind what do you think the chance yes now that I think about that probably not a very good chance at all okay so just give it a number maybe ten fifteen per cent yeah that's what I thought I think it's probably lower than that but I'll go with your number ten fifteen percent are says a we're deconstructing the fear okay now that's that's what they might say but let's just say that a ten fifteen percent chance that somebody doesn't somebody says will they be correct in saying that you have not thought this thing through that you are being careless and that you are delusional in pursuing this thing this this law enforcement that you know you were put on this planet to do that's what you told me so are they right are you being careless not at all well are you delusional not at all oh wait a second so you're actually materializes you know the truth yeah so we just so we just deconstructed fear now I believe the fear is a liar that means of fear the voice of fear is a liar then that means there is a truth correct correct the opposite of what fear says is then the truth we know you have been very diligent in seeking this path out yes or no yes we also know that you have the talent the ability to do the work yes or no yes we also know that you love the idea of being a law enforcement and and the work itself is something that you look forward to and it creates high levels of emotion correct absolutely and we also know that it creates results that you will lay your head down on the pillow at night and say that was worthwhile work yes or no absolutely all right so that's the truth the truth is you're not delusional the truth is this is in your sweet spot the truth is this is work that creates a result that matters deeply to you so that's the truth and that's what you focus on when the voice of fear starts to whisper in your ear you just say nope that's a lie here's what I know to be true and so what we did is we just walk through the three steps of overcoming fear number one name in number to deconstruct it and number three focus on the truth yeah I appreciate that you that money Hey I appreciate you calling in and being vulnerable because absolutely more people need to do it Justin just didn't say Hey kid I'll call you I got to get outside of my head I got to get out of my head and I got a reconnect to my heart and that's what we just did that's the process we just went through that's the process let's go to some social media questions here Monique on Instagram do you still send a thank you email if the interview was over the phone absolutely we have a touch point timeline great resource it is one of the three get hired guides at Ken Coleman dot com and I absolutely believe that you send a hand written note you sent an email as well both of those things are really good I tell exactly how to do it that's a free resource the touch point time I go get it right now can Coleman dot com Jim writes in on Instagram is it bad to apply for two different jobs at the same company at the same time I don't like that strategy that says to me then this is a person who's not really clearly just want to J. O. B. I'm not saying that that's it did that's true of you but I think that that puts a negative potential impression out there let's just focus on one thing at a time pick the one that best suits you that's that's hopefully in your sweet spot the one that you would enjoy both of in your sweet spot which won't you enjoy and if you wanna mention Hey look you know I'm I'm interested in both of these positions with this is the one I've I'm most interested in why and why and then you know they don't work out then you can kind of bring up the other one but no I would not apply for two different jobs at the same company Nicholas writes in on Instagram as well by the way I'm at Ken Coleman on Instagram one of the best side hustles for students well there's no list that's out there for me to pull from and I'm not gonna try to create the list right now because there's so many different side hustles this would be the context that I would lay over that question think of your student in your life and again to the best of your ability as their parent you probably know what their sweet spot could be you know what they do well you know what they like to do results that matter to them let's look for the side hustle that's in their sweet spot so that list is made up based on your student what they do best even on a part time side also job you ought to be in your sweet spot or close to it as possible.

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