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A jam. By the beat that dance me. I mean, it sounds great it well, but I mean, it's a great song, Eddie. I mean, I don't hate it. It's okay. It sounds good, like I'd have it on in the background. But this is something that I would never say. When it's over. Let me hear that again. Because I really like because of the John Rob Song. Yes, it's not my thing so you can guess who it is. Listen, we'll be OK. He's 53 years old. What? Alan Jackson. He did. This garden is new Amazon music. He's an actor, a 53 year old actor. Now good guests. His American got a bald head in diesel. Oh, my God. That is good guys Be a hater. That's a good jail, then listen and see if you can hear me so seeing now that I've said that for a dance song, it's actually pretty good. Surprisingly, Vin Diesel is he's trying to get into music like it's this thing. His first album or something. I don't know if you spent on an album. Just give it a shot, But I don't know what it is that you're pretty good, though. If you feel like I do. It's just it's interested. Don't you know? Like I don't know about. You knew it If it wasn't in diesel, I think you're holding the genre music against it right where lunchbox likes danced up Amy's fine with cause She likes the pop stuff like this If I told you it's been days beforehand had been like this stupid. What do you have? Maybe a little bit, But that's not bad. And I like that lunchbox is gonna point out Hollows. Well produced. It is. I mean, listen to that. I mean jams. And he's bobbing when he tries to act like he's not bothered over here. Did he do this? Is there a new fastening fury's maybe coming out or something and recommend soundtrack? Let's do Luke Bryan. One Margarita.

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