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Brett Kavanaugh discussed on Mornings on the Mall with Brian Wilson


Sorry I'm sorry I was I was going to go my god on the dance to polo C. at one point had attacked Brett Kavanaugh for send his nomination to the United States Senate and he referred to people like Christine Lahti for his courageous women quote risking her safety well and and her well being to speak the truth about this nomination and she said that by nominating and and eventually confirming Cavanaugh this quote center Republicans chose to send a clear message to all women do not speak out if you do do not expect to be heard believe or respected she said at the time now yesterday morning she was on CNN she was being questioned by the host there Allison Cammarata and about Joe Biden the allegations against him here is how she answered questions in the morning remember Joe Biden up until this point even up until this very hour has not yet answered questions at all about Tara Reid's allegation against him listen to this conversation like Asian that is being made by one of his former Senate staffers do you think that it is time for vice president Biden to address this head on himself well I if I have great sympathy for any women who bring forth an allegation on the big strong supporter of the me too movement I I think it's been a great a great contribution to our country and it's in and I do support Joe Biden I'm satisfied with how he has responded I know him I was proud to endorse him the other day on Monday very proud to endorse and and so on I'm satisfied with that I mean he hasn't to be clear he hasn't addressed has rested but he has not directly he directly publicly addressed it you know it's a matter that he has to deal with but I can't pressed with the people who work for him at the time saying that ever absolutely never heard one iota of it information about this nobody ever brought forth a couple of claim or had anybody else tell them about such a claim about again the an important election at hand one that is I think one of the most important ones that would have extended every election but I think this one is the most crucial and I I supported him because he's a person of great values integrity authenticity imagination and a connection to the American people eight hundred stands a kitchen table issues of America's working families his father lost his job when he was a boy okay block a lot look here's the thing she is telling us and that did she better hope that that in the end it's true that there is no complaint about Joe Biden from the nineties because Tara Reid says there definitely was one yeah and if it exists it could very well exist in the records in the university of Delaware from that time in the Senate that Joe Biden is refusing to release as of this moment right so so we're never gonna know so it's very easy for Nancy Pelosi to say you know caught no there was no there was no complaint because we'll never know and they know that we'll never know you know I can find out whether she knows whether she's lying and after Joe Biden leaves public life again they can be released two years after that and they don't care the long be gone they'll all be out of politics long gone don't care if they live so our friend Keri Pickett had an opportunity to teach to question a Nancy Pelosi yesterday as well she's reporter for the Washington examiner nothing offensive in any way or even suggestively partisan inet in Kerry's question it was a perfectly good question Nancy Pelosi flies off the handle anyway.

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