Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, Madero discussed on Rush Limbaugh


This remote venezuela before hugo chavez used to be we're fairly decent waste to live and it was a fairly decent up kicking economy and it was rooted in based in oil baron oil rich nation hello hugo chavez avowed socialist gets elected succeeded by his hand picked fellowsocialist nickelless maduro and now literal i'm this is not just a terming tossed around literal mass starvation do you know what madero is suggesting that venezuelan citizens do he is suggesting rabbits said rabbits are not pets rabbits are not killed rabbits are five pound chunks of protein and he is encouraging venezuelan citizens dick capture and cook rabbits as a way of dealing with mass starvation so anyway the venezuelan representative united nations shows up the responded trump's speech yesterday and he said unknowingly i mean i'm known for indication of out of step all these people on the left are what was that was that was ronald reagan brought back to life so what do we have to listen to run away give me damn right mr ambassador dim light that's what it was what he thought it was a grave insult to call trump reagan in a reagan was an avowed antisocialist an anticommunist and also didn't didn't care much for hugo chavez people like him so here's this ambassador ripping trump as being an incarnation of reagan not knowing what over half the country is hearing it applauding it so trump's approval numbers taking up and it is based on performance it is not based on buzz it's not based on p r it's not based on span it's not based on the media singing trumps praises because they're doing the exact opposite trump's approval number up from the mid thirty's not a forty three percent and it's based soul lee on performance to be.

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