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Ten you're adding six whim eddie i'm plus yep i'm plus plus six here listen the afc sound is a very interesting division very competitive obviously jacksonville and the titans and would angelo coming back but i mean the players that that the texas are getting back on jayjay y you know whitney mercilus obviously shawn watson showing watson what's arguably the face of the leave for that period of time that he was playing that's that's how explosive houston texas office was if he can stay healthy which that's still a big question mark him stay healthy for sixteen gangs this going to be one of the most exciting games in the national football league this upcoming sees i'm slightly ever so slightly less optimistic it'll five extra wins for nine in total david made the point that listen you can make the case that the biggest quarterback injury return this year and the lead is shawn watson other hammer aaron rodgers but you could also make the case amongst non quarterback injuries they have the most returning talent of guys that mr punch timeless jj watt whitney mercilus two of the best pass rushers on their team now today being cloudy he's not coming back from season ending injury but he's currently injured all these guys being healthy and on the field make a huge different and remember this triggered this offense on the fly last year tom savage leave it or not did start the season at quarterback now what they fall off season to sign things and scheme them up even if watts is not only healthy imagine how creative this offense can be the cease yeah i agree with the big improvement for houston i'm right there with field on plus five i mean it would be tempting to go higher but you have to factor in that fc south i mean you have to play off teams last year that we're not the.

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