African National Congress, Matt, President Trump discussed on BBC World Service


To be sold in his name he did not want further divisions to happen to the party and to the country because of him he owns that he realized that people had become divided over his legacy over his time in office and felt that should it go to parliament it would cause further damage to the african national congress but it is something that the anc right up until the end was prepared to do and that is to drag him to parliament to pass the vote of noconfidence their new do you think the police raid on the gupta residence yesterday de think matt had an influence on his decision that's difficult to say that a separate process that was run by the national prosecuting authority although some people believe that it's timing is not coincidental these are people who are known to be friends of the president that the authorities have now suit in honor of taken in some for questioning some have been arrested so there was a sense on the sidelines of waiting for president jacob zuma to resign that the walls were closing in on people believed to be behind corrupt activities here in the country but if the president is to be believed his decision to resign rather is based on him just wanting to to bar art and you got a sense that but he felt betrayed even by the african national congress party that he has served for sixty years and a real sense that is genuinely walking away feeling like he does not understand why they would not give him the the liberty of that three months that he was asking for and just very quickly do we know whether surround opposes going to become president today or tomorrow any idea of the time loan so the next day all things being equal now is that parliament sits this afternoon and alleged they preferred candidate the name they putting forward is so roma porter who is expected to be sworn in later this evening and by tomorrow he would be president of south africa and giving his first state of the nation address the bbc's comes up for lonely mg who's in nigeria miskel in touch with us as jacob zuma should wine too much he organized the recall of his predescessor table key lesson in what you think plus fulfull said ninety seven '86 2050 85.

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