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They never put their hand in the dirt before who so much to velvet needs to be done. And there seems to be five offense of wine coaches will figure this out, and no one seems to be the fishing and just giving that guy Bogota cash. The other side of the ball because I don't want to just do a whole patch thing here I felt like with Goff. You know, I can understand the arguments against him. But there's some other stuff in there with him his athleticism. I still think that that throw where he rolls out to his right and hits Everett the tight end. There's there's moments with him where I think there's some physical abilities that I think really kind of up there with anybody. I'm not saying he's a top five quarterback or those things. But there are throws that he has that. I think are among the special guys in this league. And maybe took me longer than it should to figure out some of that stuff. But I I guess the more I watch him. Even doesn't have a great game. I know he wasn't great against out in need him to be great against Alice. Some of the games Reese lift up. I mean, look even breeze hasn't been great really in the second half. I just think there's more to him than maybe he's given credit nationally. It's one thing to have stats with McVeigh. But there's certain throws the he puts together. I'm like, man. That's that's like a special guy throw. Yeah. And even the run that the game stealing run against out. There was math lettuces and bam. I think we've swung too far in the wrong direction with golf. I mean, he did have the talent to be the first overall pick at one year under Jeff Fisher, Japan, wasn't even drawing up on up and schemes for him. He looked lost. He was I think he had very similar numbers like Andrew, Walter. I think is is rookie year as far as quarterbacks go. That's where he was rookie year. But I think we've too far into this system thing, and this sort of idea that Sean McVay is telling him everything to do show. Mcvay a great great play caller and his ability to put Gough cannot be over covered. I think but you have to remember he still does have a lot of natural talent. I totally agree with you. It is not I probably pick. There's there's probably double digit quarterbacks who could do what golf does in in that system. But it's not like everybody can do it. He still has a lot of natural ability. I think we we've somehow overlooked that even though we've written an underdog narrative about literal. The first overall pick two years ago. It's very strange thing. That's developed. Yeah. That's that's I think, you know, this thing with McVeigh, and you're making jokes about the Bud Light lime thing. But have you ever seen anything like this with McVeigh anything where it didn't? Like, you just if you'd had a timeshare with him at some point that you are obviously ready to coach in NFL team. Chris shula. Last night was their assistant linebackers coach was played end of Ohio with him. And then he was think they're roommates together. And I was looking at him. I don't know anything about again, he's defensive coach. But I think crystal just gonna be randomly mentioned as head coach next year because he's a young guy. Who's who's got the bloodlines? He knows Sean McVay. And I think it's a very odd thing that's developed again. I've never cooked Kingsbury thing was bridge. Too far. I can understand if you wanna go Zach your direction or the metal for direction, whatever there's better candidates out there, but to to hire clippings berry, and then literally in the press release that they he's friends with Sean McVeigh after everybody already joked about that. That was just outrageous. And I think it, you know, I it owners who aren't really adaptable. And they made the decision two months ago. We gotta get an often guy. I one friend who said the may joke, you know? Knows a lot about league. And he said, basically, all cheap Rams and said I want to I wanna play in this game. And then won the coaching market had developed, and they realize even though there were eight opening then almost all eight we're going to go to open coaches. They didn't realize that that the over saturation in the market..

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