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Our top stories Tiger Woods wins his fifth green jacket twenty two years after he won his first masters in nineteen ninety seven. Tiger not the only winner today. The Celtics opened their playoff series ten point victory over the Indiana Pacers. At the garden investigation continues into the shooting deaths of two men and Madame pan last night. Springfield police officer recovering after being shot outside of a nightclub early this morning and final preparations underway for tomorrow's one hundred twenty third running of the Boston marathon. On this date one hundred seven years ago, April fourteenth, nineteen twelve Titanic. Titanic slams into an iceberg in the North Atlantic the ship sinks a few hours later, killing some fifteen hundred of the more than twenty two hundred on board Marshall, drew who would live until nineteen Eighty-six was eight years old when he was rescued from the Titanic decades later he remembers. I. Uncle is lost. The lifeboat down the ship. Going down. Titanic was on her maiden voyage democratic congressman Gerald Nadler of New York continuing demand for the release of the full Mullah report on CNN state of the union this morning, Nadler, who's chairman of the House Judiciary committee said US attorney general William buyer is acting President Trump special agent, he believes bars conclusions from the report that there isn't enough evidence to say Trump obstructed Justice is not enough the attorney general when he started talking completely without evidence as he said about spying on the Trump campaign when he wouldn't let he meant was executing judicially ordered warrants showed his his bias in the fact is really acting as a personal agent to the president rather than general the United States. He believes the House Judiciary committee should see the entire report and underlying evidence and argues that one of the roles of the committee is to see all evidence and decide what information should be released to the public. Firefighters dive teams from Saugus Cambridge. And stone him searched a pond on golden hills road and Saugus yesterday after caller reported seeing kids playing canoe that was later seeing capsized with no children. Incite turned out to be false alarm after an extensive search. Rescuers did not find anyone British police say a man suspected of purposely purposefully driving into parked cars in front of the Ukrainian embassy in London has been hospitalized for mental health treatment London. Metropolitan police force said offices fired driver's vehicle and took him into custody today after he allegedly around the Ukrainian I'm buses caught several others outside Dan Bassy, London. Put say also drove his car toward officers. No one was injured. Police say the man's action were not related to extreme as his not win charged or identified Seria.

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