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He's a very, greedy misguided person. He needs to go back to his core and figure out what's most important in life. Stop calling good people like myself out change his business model and start trying to finally do good for the world. And I don't know if he's able to do that. You sent a lot Mike. And I appreciate you coming on the show with such passion. You've you've laid it out. Is there anything you want to say in conclusion about all this? I mean, you put out your terms you put out the number. You put out the promotion you put out the rules. You put out the history as far as you're concerned. Anything you want to say in conclusion, I just think it's unfortunate zero integrity, George. He does such things and his team has done such things in the behind the scenes, I have loaded phone of text messages from well, respected coaches, and athletes and team mates and all the stuff of all the nasty stuff that he doesn't says behind the team. We all know, it's true. If he would've put his nose down and just focus on building a reputable business and getting the job done and not deluding services by by bring me search into work with these athletes, if he were to go out there and condemn some of the bad behavior that he's had man that's the way to start moving forward in life. I don't wish him any ill will like he does to me. And that's too bad. I don't wish anyone any ill will very positive individual very positive person. But I will not sit back and. Allow someone like George to defame me and slander me like he's done so openly for years and many of your listeners, and it was on your comments, and it's on the Twitter. Many people friends, let's say in the community have watched what door said about me for years and usually in the shade and other members of his team to which I won't mention their names. Same exact thing. So he lives in this whole world of slander. And that's too bad. Just get back and focus on your core. Your businesses failing because the UFC's now doing a better job at it. You want to go and beat them. We'll go find a way to compete with them because it's likely not going to happen. You know, these these 'em promotions and whatnot man if that's the game. You wanna be in? God bless you. And really, good luck. Good luck. Because there are good people. He named some names. There are good people at our socio with him in their team. And they look up to George. They look up George to do the right thing. And now's the time that he does the right thing. And I don't expect any greater tit for tat. I don't think he's gonna come back and say anything, I don't think he's gonna come back and try and refute anything I said, hopefully, this conversation here is the walkaway. He's not gonna come. Half a million dollars bareknuckle knuckle might come up with half a million dollars. Then I'll be interested outside of that, man. I'm just going to go back to my front porch. Take care of my family and start developing the the other ways that I can help the community around me. That's what I'm trying to do is. I'm trying to make this world a better place one person at a time one conversation at a time one tweet one Tex one live feed at a time. And that's what I'm here for aerial. Thanks for doing this, Mike congrats on the new house. The move all your success. Appreciate you coming on again with the kind of passion that you brought to the table here. And we'll see what happens next. I appreciate this. Thank you. I appreciate your brother. Thank you. All right. There is Mike dull. So there you have it last week. We had George Lockhart on he put out the challenge. Now, you get the response from doce an interesting story that I did not expect to play out on this program. But he laid out a lot there. And we'll see where it goes from here. I appreciate him doing that. And that was certainly an interesting ride. All right. Let's move along and go back to. To bell toward this past weekend. Jake Hager, aka Jack, swagger, the former WWE superstar we have been on this journey with him since he announced that he was coming to MMA..

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