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Of the universe. 2021 has started off right where 20 20 left off. Kind of bumpy to put it mildly. But here at least we can take our minds off the turmoil for a few hours. And tonight we have an excellent program in mind for you. You've been reading about this strange object spotted in space back in 2017. Homo Omura is the name that was given and scientists were ready to write that office and interesting but not exceptional piece of space rock. That is until the Harvard astronomer and some colleagues detected problems with that explanation. They think it's an anomaly and could be an expert terrestrial probe sent from another solar system the first interstellar object ever detected, perhaps sent here on purpose to get our attention. Dr Avi Loeb has taken on a lot of grief. Open this hypothesis, but he's doubled down on that. He joins us tonight in the second half. I'm pretty jazzed about that. But first Was a stirring and provocative new Syriza a Netflix. Have you seen it? Yet? It's one of the most popular programs on Netflix. Right now. It's called surviving Death, a six part documentary series looking for evidence that life goes on after physical death. The stories told by people who've experienced near death experiences where they die, and then come back. It's powerful stuff. But in another episodes that producers looked for compelling stories of Kids who have memories of past lives. Also looking at ghost hunters and mediums who say that they're able to connect with the other side. Leslie Kean is a journalist, author of the book. We profiled here on this program a few years ago, same title surviving death. And it really did a great job of synthesizing the case for human consciousness, Surviving physical death. Leslie is part of the team that created the Netflix series. She will join us momentarily, and for this first hour, we're also speaking with Ricki Stern, a producer and director of the surviving Death series will dig into these stories and the people behind this hit series. Powerful stuff. Web Master Lex Loan Hood and I have pulled together our usual assortment of items and the oddities called from media around the world. We call it nap snooze and you can find it on the coast to Coast Am website. Some of the stories featured on that tonight are directly related to our subject matter this evening. Normally I'd list a few of them and go over some of the details. But I'm getting gonna let you exploring on your own, because when we have Ricki Stern for this first hour, so I want to get to it. I'll just say one of these stories, though, is a news report We did this past week about the you AP Task Force that's working on a report to Congress covering what the Pentagon has in its vaults and files. Regarding UFO evidence in cases and while you're there, checking out naps news, please click the link that tells you how to become a coast insider. The cost is pennies a day..

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