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Most return their winners medals, as well as the trophy play in the second leg was halted after why taught that equalised on fifty nine minutes through while eight L cartoons header it was disallowed for infringement. The viruses, Tom was visible on the side of the pitch. Now, if you look at the picture, it's literally like, remember, one of those old arcade games with the holds over it, it looks like a battered, one of those, that's being on plugged, and had not been told at, but the players, this is the worst thing about the players had not been told. It was not in use because of a mouth luncheon. Why don't you just say at the start of the game guys? Here's the situation vire is not working. We will not be using it tonight. Are you agreeing to play if you're not we have to figure another date if you are? Let's just play without us that feels a little amateurish to me, tirelessly terribly amateur, but I'm saying even your suggestion. But what else could they do? You can't not tell the players. That's exactly what they did that every right to walk off, if you expect to be used, and that's what you've played under in the first leg, and it's not there what a joke. I just have the vision of Cope's and medals being returned. How do you even do that? You do you kind of reverse moonwalk up the podium, take it off and give it back. Did you lifted in the air and then put it down? No. You're not enjoying any of this stick. No. I'm still kind of watching the coverage of the first you ignore Judy Smith. And no. You didn't ignore JD Smith. We're gonna have a pint. All right. Caught off sides man of the match. Let's see JJ with Lennart John Johansen. It's fitting to me that in this time, we're debates are being held about this Superleague replace on the champions. We take time to time to honor the man who essentially created the Champions League. I'm reading here from the guardian Lennart Johansson, who oversaw the introduction of the Champions League during a seventeen year reign as president of European football's governing body has died. He was eighty nine new Hansen said, creating the Champions League to replace the European Cup was his proudest achievement at UEFA it evolved, in the club football's most lucrative and prestigious competition with expansion that saw non domestic champions, given the entry in addition to that J, he also ran for fief. Evident against everybody's favourite president, Sepp Blatter in one thousand nine hundred eight but narrowly lost. And then became a loud voice against bladder, accusing him of corruption and vote buying two things that we can get on board with the father of the Champions League JJ, Leonard, you'll Hanson dead at the age of eighty nine one to pay respect to him for creating what is such? I mean after the World Cup. Is it like the most prestigious competition in the world I, I guess Copa America fans take with that they would is to we considered europhiles considered as the biggest competition in the world? But I mean he he revamped it into what it is. Now in one thousand nine hundred ninety three we had the group stages on it was it was what we know what today pretty much. Exactly. Yeah. And it used to be knockout. Magin strint nocco, while, but yeah, so I wanted to get that mentioned in there, by the way, speaking of the Super League, I saw now the boondocks league and the Premier League kind of uniting is in a force again. It. So it's almost a point on I know, Lita I think, is against it as well. It's really Italy. That is carrying the mantle mashes ter- city PS, g you're going to don't let them off the hook do not off. But if the Premier League and the boondocks league are both against it then just like say, okay, go ahead with your Super League and see how it does with our teams. Yeah. Who's going to take it? Seriously, the Champions League. I'm it's so good. It's par fish so good..

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