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Three 8 two one today To Rick McClure with traffic All right Michelle let's take you back around the beltway still writing well through Maryland and Virginia I two 70s back to normal now between Frederick and Rockville I 95 the beetle you Parkway roof 50 all looking good good cross bay bridge three lanes west and two lanes east crossed bay and Gaithersburg watch for some extra volume along the west bound side of clapper road as you make your way towards Seneca creek state park with a winter's lights that's first of all yes I'm so excited I can't get that festival out That's going on right now So it's good for the kids Virginia side 66 three 95 no problems for I 95 We had some volume along the southbound side still a little heavy and brief stretches between a lorden and parts of Stafford county Northbound delays are gone between Fredericksburg and falmouth In fact all the way up to the Springfield interchange are good to go leading Fredericksburg Still lots of volume And just south of Great Falls tonight where police and sponsors still with the crash cleanup that has Georgetown pike shut down both ways near Tulsa road watch for police reroutes And through the district no change freeway still traveling well through southwest and southeast and the two 95 is still quiet at the moment Don't miss your chance to be the face of change in the community by supporting the United way of the national capital area and its partners through the combined federal campaign Rick McClure TLP traffic Okay Rick and let's turn now to NBC four's clay Anderson and clay I understand we could have some wintry weather to our extreme west Yes our northern and.

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