National Guard, John Whitley, FBI discussed on WTOP 24 Hour News


Area's largest showrooms under one roof since 1955 35. Some House Republicans want to hear from the acting Army Secretary John Whitley about any new threats to the capital, a group of 11 Republican members are asking for the justification for keeping several 1000 National Guard troops here in D. C for through mid March. They also want to know how those troops will be used. Whitley has told reporters that his office has four requests to keep the guard here in the city because of threats against the capital. The Republican lawmakers argue that given all the stress of the past year, the National Guard should only be used as a last resort. The investigation into the attack on the Capitol is growing. The FBI and the Justice Department and L focused on whether the people who took part in that riot are connected. Did militia groups organized and come to Washington to engage in the riot and attack at the Capitol? That's one of the key questions the acting U. S attorney and the assistant director in charge of the Washington Field Office of the FBI. Are looking into 150 federal cases they're open and more than 400. People are being investigated at one of the points. They made very clear they will spare no resource or expense to bring those who engaged in the riot to justice. That's wt. O p national security correspondent J. J Green, newly sworn in Secretary of State Antony Blinken is talking to his State Department employees for the first time, and he says people across the world are watching the U. S. They want to see whether we will lead with the power of our example. It will put a premium on diplomacy with our allies and partners to meet the great challenges of our time, like the pandemic climate change the economic crisis. Threats.

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