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Gibbs and we are back to discuss the heavyweight division. We have a perfect. Like five for Adam. Kaufman is seems like Adam. Kornacki versus Dominic. Brazil is in play for March seventh in the Barclay Center own on Fox. Damn good fight for obnoxious Basically you're on the heels of the Anti Wilder you're fighting fighting a lot of his opponent so there's tons of common opponents between the two and you kind of build your slow storyline off of that. Can you do better than he did. Versus said particular opponent. Will you struggle. And I and I'll be honest. I like that. They're using dominic Brazil. remember I spoke to his manager. Kief Conley who told me you know rematch with Areola. Something that they were not looking at that. They were not expecting that. Fight to be as tough as it was so Do they think the Dominic Brazil would be any easier of tests. I don't know I'm seeing the chat. Talk about Christian Hammer honestly though Christian does absolutely nothing for me you know. He's a common opponent with Luis Ortiz and Tyson Fury. But if your Fox Heyman and you may be looking at Dominic Brazil with Lovey Dovey is right. He has the Anthony Joshua CACHET deontay wilder cachet. Now I've seen some mummy some research and the Chad saying now man. This guy's washed up. He's done well. Two losses doesn't make you done. You know this is a perfect way for dominic bounce back. If he can beat an undefeated up and coming contender like Adam Kornacki. We all know Adam just kind of sitting around waiting for not sitting around in in a negative way but definitely waiting for shot at if Dominic Brazil can knock him off before he can get his shot well. He earned his way back into title contention. Dominic Brazil's a common opponent with deontay Wilder Anthony Joshua the two top of the division not named Tyson fury and. It's a great barometer fight. In my opinion for Adam I would like to see them. Come in shape and maybe really do a number on Brazil if he can't infor Brazil it's like I'm saying he's back in the game. He's back in the mix if he could get this win in Brazil he wants this fight he he took his social media and had some words for Adam Kavanagh like he always does radio a and that's what you can. That's what you can bet on when it comes to dominate Brazil. You know that you know he's GonNa build up to fight. He's GonNa talk a little bit of trash and he's going to tell you how he feels and WE'RE GONNA go to that right now on. His verified verified instagram. which you know I gotta say he did? Close this instagram. And now he's got it back open after the deontay wilder knockout in. That's cool. That's kind of what I want. You know I don't WanNa see them disappeared from social media but as you can see right here on his verified instagram that he reopened he says. What's up Adam? Kornacki baby face. Looks like you don't have an opponent lined up for your next fight. I've called you out twice but apparently you need more time to to prepare for me. Let's give the fans a hell of a heavy way slugfest. We can do the same February. Is that enough time for you to prepare. HASHTAG trouble has premier boxing champions with a little fist emoji. Little Fist Emoji. Point you Ryan your face Emoji and I like like the energy man I I really do like the energy from Dominic. We know that he's going to you. Know build up the fight Adams a nice guy. He's a gentleman you know. So Adam Adam won't be the one talking shit we're going to need dominic to keep Comin' back keep reminding us that atom wants more time that Adam doesn't doesn't want to fight him that he's being forced under like he's got to run with that story line. Hopefully you know we can get a good fight it out of it again. I really honestly think it's a decent fight for both men honestly the You know I don't think of many other options for atom except like a reverse which is undefeated and you know oh Brings nothing like you'll get some cachet from fight fans but I don't know that it's worth putting yourself in that position right you're highly ranked in. WB A and B C and I be F- for the WBZ looks like Adams is number eight for the WB A he looks like number three for the IB F. He's also number three in for the W. B. O.. He's also number three. So you know Adam has some pretty damned good options and I think By waiting he's seeing what shakes out. He seeing what shakes out now now if the WB oh strip. Anthony Joshua Adam being number three there could be a possibility because kief Conley is his manager that sick and Adam have to fight or USA and Joseph Parker the number two now. Joseph is already have a fight in February. Maybe he doesn't want it. We have to see how that shakes and then the same thing for Adam in the ones who left gets his shot Adams next because number two. who was vacant and number three is Adam so the minute pula gets his shot in the IB F Adam? We'll be bumped up and you can see him right here in the in the Wbo at number three and you can see him right here in the I B F at number three with the number two vacant pool F gets his shot. That's that's GonNa bump him up. He's the lowest in the WBZ which is strange. But I guess I get it. He hasn't really Ford any highly. Ranked WBZ fighters a lot of people. Saying what's wrong with Louis. Louis just got knocked out. He needs a little bit more time to get back. You know and Louis deserves a a return tuneup. Dominic Brazil kind of coming back tough. But that's two losses. You gotta earn your keep you know after two knockout losses a little bit different good morning. Surge can't wait to see you on border wars champ. Do do get that footage to me. Let's see we. We got also adamant and number three in the WBZ. So he's positioned nicely across three sanctioning bodies of the top four major and Yeah I mean he's just got away so this is a perfect for him to just sit back. Relax and let things shake out. You know you get a fight with a common common opponent while the WBZ heavyweight champion of the world so it gets people talking and it's not the toughest opponent right dominic. Dominic Brazil's been through some wear and tear at this point and it's more a matter of how does Adam beat them. Now if Adam doesn't dominic is earned his shot back into title contention back into titled Talking at a mean. Dog is a heavyweight. Did we all. I'M NOT GONNA say. Think highly of but we all don't mind seeing him in the mix. We know that he's a type of fighter. That's really GonNa let those hands go and make the fight so when I seen this I waited a bit. I didn't want to jump right on it. I was fearful that it was. It was rumored you're but obviously now that my trusted website. Boxing scene is reported. I'm jumping all over it. I think this is a perfect Adam. Adam is a friend of the show I I tried to reach out to his train. Ho for the WIKI get his trainer on and see what he thinks of the style match up because that would be good you know. I didn't want to bother other atom with this union because you know when they don't have the fight there's not really much they can say so we'll wait calls in Palmerston. Don't want to see a competitive a to fight for core of knock. Brazil is a competitive. I think the Brazil's always been in an competitive fella. You know possibly not you but the way that you're sounding you just just sound like those boxing fans. That are fickle that you know you have a loss or two and you're no good Rosado has like nine. SELITA had eleven thirteen at the time of bidding Loma Chanko. So you you guys just need to stop it man if you're sour puss. You don't like the sport go go somewhere else. I don't care that the dude as I'm GonNa Watch the narrows versus Callers Morales. I'm GonNa Watch Phone Seca Versus Ryan Garcia. You know what I mean. I'M GONNA Watch. Richard Co may come back after his third or fourth loss. Like I'm watching Watson seven former after four losses. Like if you're not like me than just kick fucking rocks. You know what I mean. Don't try to change my mind because you think a fight is in good because you judge people off of one laws because you never fucking been in the ring never been punched in the face and don't know how serious it is. You just talk in from the outside. You know talking his undefeated record shit thinking everybody's floyd and you low as head but that's not what is everybody can't be undefeated and won laws doesn't define you needed this to in the mean there's plenty of people that have come back from one and two losses to be at the top of the game and that's what Dominic Brazil can do this shot. He's could beat an undefeated. Dude is highly ranked across was four sanctioning bodies. So what would happen if he beat them. The Egg will be on your face talking about you. Don't want to see a competitive how to fuck this competitive. When has dominic Brazil delayed down when as he not let hands go? When is this is not been excitingly? Honestly broke people you know. Just talk because he got fingers the type that's the problem in the satis problem. I'll be honest with you but I like the fight. I liked it. It's on Fox Fox thinking you know picking up again a common opponent of the wilder someone was already on the TV someone that already did. Uh actually dominate Brazil's on showtime Dominic. Brazil was on showtime now I think about it further but deontay wilder last fight was on Fox. And maybe they're trying to get cash. Offer that WHO knows But I I think dominic is the better opponent if we're comparing him to or yeah. We're putting them next to a possible Christian hammer brings. It's nothing no television. No talking nothing he. At least dominic trash talk really showed you social media. He's already out there trash talking. You know what I mean. And what is Christian Hammarberg into table. Who's next who else did you want in? And what are they bringing to. The table is all I'm saying and I'm not talking. Are they bringing ticket. Sales are they bringing viewership. I'm just saying they're going to help. Build the fight or is it going to be too dude. Sit in their absolutely quiet. Because you know the atom is not a talker Adams Adams Nice Guy's super duper Nice guy in Maine so I duNno. I Dunno I like Brazil fight I like more the hammer. Fight looking at the rankings. If we went through the I B F you know only other guy that he could fight his agit. Kabyle not known in America so he's off the list Anthony Joshua not gonNA fight him busy with mandatory. He's off the lists Tyson fury busy busy. He's not gonNA fight him. He's off to this. We're going down the IBS Michael Hunter to possibility cross network dough cross promotion. You know zone zone and Fox not going to happen. Joe Washington already Fordham Philip Grove again cross promotion with the with the broadcasters pevec in crossbar casting park across broadcasting Daniel Dubois across broadcasting. Tom Schwartz possible. Zhao Zhang Cross cross broadcasting. Older will wallin possible. We go down to. WBA Luis Ortiz. I'm sure it's possible coming off that knockout loss. Not GonNA wanted Andy Ruiz still spending that money. No one's heard from Robert Liniers. What does he really do for atom? What's a bigger name dominate Brazil? Zillow Robert Helena's dominic Brazil. You Win the prize Alexander Perfect and we spoke about cross broadcasts Hunter Cross broadcasts. Zora Cross Broadcast Broadcast Cabinet Bell Cross broadcast does nothing poulet waiting for a title.

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