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Seven WABC radio said alright we're back with our three of Curtis in Juliet we've been talking about the weather outside and flooding in Venice no actually we said absolutely nothing about either of those things even though I think the flooding in Venice is horrible we've been talking about the impeachment and the testimony today of the Deputy Assistant secretary for the bureau of euro European and Eurasian something or other I've got just the guys got the longest but title but his name is George can't George he can't he wished to bow ties yes people where both and ambassador William Taylor bill Taylor also being questioned now by the Republicans and Democrats soul he's very impressive he's like right out of central casting and Jim Jordan the congressman from Ohio all Roy D. dot net wishy jacket in the house which I thought was against the rules well what the hell we've left in the Christian to actually research the rules because who the hell is going to come front crazy boy Jim Jordan but he is a little back and forth Jim Jordan in the cross examination of I believe it is ambassador tail remaining space to face with presents Lynskey no linkage yet in your deposition you said this and you said it again the first hour of the majority my clear understanding was security assistance money would not come until president's list he committed to pursue the investigation my clear understanding was they were going to get the money until presence Lizzy committed to pursue the investigations now with all due respect to master your current standing was obviously wrong because it didn't happen presence Lynskey didn't announce he was going to investigate charisma or the bidens it into a press conference and say on to investigate the vines we're gonna that's the gate is not he didn't tweet about it and you just told the ranking member he didn't do the see an interview and announce he's going to investigate there is not or the blinds SO three face to face meetings it doesn't come up no linkage whatsoever press is he doesn't announce it before the eight is released on the eleventh and yet you said you have a clear understanding that those two things are going to happen the money was going to get released but not until there was investigation and that in fact didn't happen so what I'm wondering is did you get this clear understanding don also said he talked to prisons Lynskey and Mister your mark and told them that although this was not a quid pro quo if presence when she did not clear things up in public we would be at a stalemate that was the that was one point it was also the case Mister Morrison talked here right no workers as investors son and also told me that he recognized that it was a mistake to have told the Ukrainians that only the meeting with the present in the and they all office was held up on the in order to get these investigations no it was not just the beating it was also the security system that is everything so those two those two discussions nine okay Nasser Taylor recalls that Mister Morrison told investor Taylor that I told Mister Morris and I could date this message to miss Yar mac on September first twenty nineteen in connection with vice president pence is visit to Warsaw and a meeting with president the Lynskey this is clarification former time investor Taylor recalls Mister Morrison told a master tailor that I told Mister Morrison I convey this message to miss your mom on September first twenty nineteen connects a vice presidential visit to Warsaw and a meeting with president Lynskey we got six people haven't for conversations in one sentence and you just told me this is where you got your clear understanding which I I mean even though you had three opportunities with presence unless you plan to tell you know what we're gonna do these investigations to get the eight didn't tell you three different times never makes an announcement never tweets about never doesn't see an interview best you were on the call were you present you did listen to president trump's called has less he's call I did not you never talk to keep a sample of any I never did it ever met the president that's correct yeah three meetings it was let's get it didn't come up and two of those they'd never heard about as far as I know and preservation reason for presents list you never made an announcement this is this is what I can't believe in your their star witness well first of all he goes on to say by the way in response to that star witness crack I'm not a star witness I'm here and he basically defended himself by saying I'm here to give the facts as I know them to give the information that you have asked for to get the content is Jim Jordan on speed I can barely understand what I was that was a tactic he was trying to do that to try to make the bass looks stupid because the ambassador was tried and that when he was reading a statement he made it very clear I gotta tell you I think the guys on speed first off what are the rules of the house he's actually made himself useful Hey Christine in terms of dress code yes so from what I was able to research when you're in the house chambers or the speaker's lobby you should be wearing a suit jacket and tie if your men yes when wearing pants blazer is required in the Senate house rules call for appropriate attire so apparently because they're not in the Senate he's he's okay he's not allowed to wear a hat or a hood however now to where hell will hoods goose hunting help you cycle boy not to wear it look at the good guy looks all rolling it up I'm I'm sure with this but anyway let's go to back to the phones it's John in Chester welcome the Curtis and she had said Juliet here at W. ABC John hi thanks for taking my call I just want to make the small point that Jordan as you sitting here cross examining two people that I personally view is as heroes with their service to the country well way back to win including Vietnam yeah this guy is a four this guy is a former assistant wrestling coach that when he had the chance to do the right thing and whistle blow there are numerous reports and witnesses saying that he did not and that is in reference to the mall stations of all those booty wrestlers back when he was an assistant coach and they all went to Jordan said this is what's going on and he didn't say a word now he denies that today but there's a lot of credible evidence that he knew just like everyone else knew that that medical doctor was molesting those wrestling yes yes this is the guy who's attacking these honorable listeners that will take you know the truck was following his own personal reelection interest in contravention of US interests exactly look at look at you and pushing in and this is true of any high school wrestlers of those going to collegiate wrestling we're not talking about the performance in W. W. E. or the other form he was like it's a W. W. you sort of yeah look look thank you you get down on your hands and knees he grabbed the guy by the ankle he grabbed the guy by the neck all right we behave top it as we are now you know because you craning his the high school wrestlers are what I don't care if they consume it we okay I mean if we can we look at is I Corinthians and high school wrestlers wrestlers in general I apologize and I use a bulging out of his head and did you ever go to a gym and you try to get to rack you know and use the weights will wrestle it is a good way for me to say come on pal anyway let's go to loads in any of the broad interesting just some interesting observations that you made I'm telling you cycle boys but anyway let's go to any user of our country welcome to gente Juliet yours truly courteously ready Hey I don't guide that I try to talk face he's not on the they've given many Republican five minutes to pull one of the other guys because forty five minutes no that's not true that's not true Eddie that is not true right yeah okay so so the Republicans get forty five minutes and the Republican the Democrats get forty five minutes of the Republicans get five any ages one issue one question put aside this why don't they make the guy wear a jacket they watch the show with biceps downstairs to one of the girls I know that we could sell it I'm telling you man who was critical of the M. Intel sure would you put on your jacket police what I mean he's so little what do they they they're afraid that he's going to beat him up look he's got that psychotic look about him even when they called over to the side bar you know during the break cycles all hyped up we had to I'm telling you man he's on screen I mean to you ease on speed let's go to the phones it's Joan who's calling from New Jersey what can the Curtis and Janet said Gillian here at W. B. C. John I think it's Joanne but yeah okay that's you that's me well I have to tell you watching this this morning especially Taylor it was just a mostly here say what he heard from what he heard from other people I actually read the Volcker deposition and it was also here say so this guy so far the Democrats have not shown anything other than a lot of hearsay and earlier if you didn't I don't know if you caught it but one of the Republicans objected to something and then shift politely said that if the witness will feel we have the evidence to support what he was saying he didn't have to answer the question but she did not make that clear when Taylor was speeding and so Republicans didn't have a chance to interject so that's all I had all right well I mean I guess you know we I'm not I'm not disagreeing with her I'm what I'm saying is though that ambassador Taylor I'm like getting there so many ambassadors involved here ambassador Taylor talked extensively I mean I've got this the statement is about nineteen or twenty pages he talked extensively about specific text messages S. extensively about first person well versed elevens ambassador Taylor is not the key witness key witness is the person who actually listen to the cold kernel version it was on and was attached to the west wing of the White House show will be very interesting to see if he ties up any of the loose ends because he had more access to the president and his aides in anyone else depended on the colonel then men wasn't having the the private meetings I mean I I don't agree I mean I think he's a very important witness but people like can't and people like Taylor or people who are able to corroborate right now what was really going on behind the scenes one call is not going to give us everything that no one's been man was also the go to person when they needed someone to speak with Ukrainian officials because he said he knows them he thinks like them he will be able to tell us exactly what's going on so I believe he'll ultimately be the key witness but then again a lot of witnesses to go yet a number is one eight hundred eight four ray W. ABC let's go to Steve in Rocklin welcome the jetset Juliet mutually courteously CB thank you Juliette thank you Curtis okay first of all you know one question I have just a general observation I'm really wondering what Juliet family background has to do with the impeachment with the poor we think what what's happening here that's just a general thing I want to put out their number one all right the other thing is that when people call in civil what politics as usual no it's not it is that if it was politics as usual this wouldn't be happy being all right and everyone needs to be reminded that the person one of the people who was mostly dance moving forward with this hello see but Donald Trump Donnie made bold moves you gotta have everything Donnie baseball of course that warning cost the look I mean I.

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