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At three point ballgame thirty nine thirty six Missouri. Sixteen thirty to go in the ballgame. Jordan Geist out top to Pinson, swing it around to the right side to suds defense looking pretty good. They're having a hard time. Getting on the inside initially. Here's guys head shoulder. Fate shoulder to shoulder fake. Stop and go not once but twice his reverse. Layup has missed but he faked everybody out rebound kept alive by Missouri. They miss another shot ball on the floor. Pinson comes up with it. Not lost trees. Tickle picks it up after all of that here's Tracy and Alfred to onto trace lost ball. It got all come on. It got underneath Pinson, he fell on it which hurt his back, and they call the I'm gonna say that was a bad call against Missouri. I'll be fair on this. I'm not a Homer. Okay. Maybe I am. But I'll say that wasn't a good call that way. Either. Let them play. But it was it was against Missouri. So that's team foul. Number three now on the Tigers. Torrance Watson will come in. He'll replace Jordan Geist. Big gee, Alfred Hollins, Stephen Ethan Thompson and trace tinkle over five on the floor right now for Oregon state per year is gonna come out Giovane pick. It will come in sack. Reichel will come in and replace trace tinkle Reichel will have to inbound right away on his substitution as he had to in the first half. And this one a bit easier for the baseline to get it out to Alfred Hollins back to Reichel in the right corner. Zach dribbles at out with a left hand takes to be well between the circles straightaway. They cross court pass coming up to meet it is Ethan Thompson, Ethan gonna go against Pinson one on one all the way down.

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