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Nate Thurmond becomes the first in the NBA to complete a quadruple double twenty two points, fourteen rebounds, thirteen assists, and twelve blocks this week in one thousand nine hundred seven the first World Series game ever played in a covered stadium. The Hubert h Humphrey Metrodome and also the first World Series in which all games are won by the home team and this week in two thousand nine New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady at one of the best games of his career against the titans throwing five touchdown passes in the second quarter alone. An NFL record six totally threw in the game in a fifty nine to zero route. That's your iheartradio weekend. Sports time capsule. After one hundred forty nine races. Eric Merola picks the perfect time to victory lane. Audio courtesy of NBC sports after his Stewart Haas teammate, Kurt Busch ran out of gas. Our gum role is able to climb into the lead on the final lap of overtime to take the checker. Fly for only the second time in his Cup racing. Career coming away with a win in the one thousand bulbs dot com. Five hundred at Talladega that clutch when Clinton an automatic berth for the driver of the number ten in the round of eight McClay offs the remainder of the playoff field has one last chance to lock themselves into the third round of the bracket with racing this week in Kansas speedway. A Hollywood casino four hundred Rabkin last Ryan Blaney. Kyle larson. Alex Baumann sit on the outside looking in and Larson with delta blow to his playoff push Larson dot ten drivers points as the number forty two CPR team was assessed in L one level penalty for violating the damaged vehicle policy by making a legal repairs during that Talladega race FOX in the fast lane. I'm that Napolitano, Fox News. This is handle on the law. Marginal legal advice. Right. Tell you. You have absolutely no case phone number.

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