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Many San Diegans Southern Californians are eagerly eagerly awaiting their next chance to get out one. It's again explore whether planning travel for the next few months or dreaming of a later trip, the Automobile Club of Southern California advises would be travelers that things will look Very different than the last time many of us took a vacation vacation. What is there? Joining us on the cover of years? Live line is duck soup with Triple A Southern California. What? He is a vacation again. What? Remind us. No kidding. Good morning, Ted and Madonna. Thanks for having me on today. It has been quite a year, hasn't it? But I can tell you, there is so much pent up demand as you would imagine to travel. And we're hearing from a lot of folks who are who are asking about Maura Long distance travel plans in a third quarter and fourth quarter of this year for now, though, of course, with spring break here and summer just around the corner, it looks like a lot of folks are gonna be turning to their automobiles. As we saw all last year to get out there socially distanced, explore our national parks. And some other great outdoor areas here in Southern California. Okay, so tell us what travelers can expect. Well, it's really important to remember that the travel restrictions are still in place in many places, including, you know, testing requirements stay at home orders. Quarantine requirements upon arrival, so you really want to check with your state and local health department where you're heading to, as well as along your route? You know, Of course, travelers who travel international all air passengers coming to the United States, including US citizens are required to have a negative covert 19 test results or documentation of recovery from covert 19. Before they board a flight to the United States and travelers who don't provide this info to their airline will be denied boarding. Of course, cruising. A lot of people want to go cruising. That is not happening right now. But cruises are expected to return to their status as well. Very popular vacation option Once they resume operation later this year, you know, in some cases, and I think I saw this the last time I flew to Phoenix and then had to quarantine to get To come back that there was there were covered tests that they were administering at the airport. In some areas. You're right, their arm or more airports that are actually doing covert testing at the airport. And so, you know, the CDC recommends taking a covert test 122123 days before your trip and you don't want to travel. Obviously, if you test positive Keep a copy of those negative test results with you during your trip, and then also, you should make plans to get tested again. 3.

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