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Benson show is. Thursday Thursday means we talked tack near Joining us the, biggest nerd of all the. Mon Paul there's a lot of. Good stuff I want to get to first and, foremost let's start in Holly weird Holly weird is an amazing place. The things. They can do nowadays compared to you go back to the Ray Harry housing days for those of you don't know he was the. Great claymation guy who made all those great Sinbad movies and those great movies back in the, day with the dinosaurs we've come a long way and. Now we've got artificial. Intelligence and artificial intelligence is is doing what is it helping or hurting Hollywood is helping it it's it's right. Now all these amazing artificial intelligence algorithms are helping to lessen the workload of the script writers of the special effects people of all. These people in Hollywood that struggled? Just to get the movie. Made just because technology is a pain in the butt so is it getting more expensive I'm, just. Curious about that is he getting more, expensive or less expensive in the world of Hollywood meeting a. Special effects movies it's going to help. Decrease the expense and it's also Probably decrease a lot of jobs at the end of the day because they're, show, like the vendors movie the last avengers. Movie with Panos The actor of He was. He was onstage he was acting with audience and the artificial intelligence went in and even not just recognize his facial movements, and the, expression Seattle space but went down to how his skin was wrinkling would he'd make expressions and translated all of that into the three d. model that became the Thanos character was thin was just kind of edited by the actual physical. Human being. Artist that's huge so that's the kind of stuff where instead of all for, the longest time three characters kind of. Had a, fake look navigating super realistic expressions and actors performances, are coming through but it's because of, the, breakthroughs of wow. This artificial intelligence when are we going to three d. I rendered movie where there is no actors that the AI does everything itself how. Soon till that so that's. The next step so the next step is saying that because the AI can, recognize all this it can store it and if he can, store it it Now knows how to create, a story pattern and defy an emotional pattern to that, story So I started the motions and looks in the fields of all these actors I can pull those out and figure out how to recreate what the script wants me the great and. The scary thing is is now it can even start to attempt to write the scripts So. Very soon this is the cool thing is something I talked about yesterday with a bunch of people was in the future which could be five ten years but you know not that far away When you like a movie..

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