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Two forty five eastern time on network fox it is the champions league final from kids can't wait to have you over here at mcgaugh in west hollywood and sunday mls at six pm eastern time sporting kansas city takes on third place in the east columbus crew there are many ways to connect to us including now extinct amazon emporium roach transformed into the many blazes bulma anytime you buy something big or small from the bull mall we get a ton of essential lassus produce additional ob at suboptimal content what he putting in the bull mother speak raja can they just break some news when we're taping this punk cost a book is only overtaken the five languages the secrets and love the loss when them before teammate wrote a you actually checking amazon charts while we're taping the podcast do every agent tells also not to do which is to check that rating every twenty i check it every twenty minutes is terrible health it is absolutely for someone that's filled with anxiety may it is the most anxiety inducing activity any author who's listening will know that you cannot help yourself but blood the we're headed the kito die at the i told jay dubb's we would never over tate okay what are you putting in the store road book oh it's al book yet thinking so i don't i don't know know it's how did he knows the key to die at the complete deal to family unviable it's you think it i'll say but the great the remarkable the american treasure curtis system field she is just a remarkable novelist she is unleashing this one debut short story collections collection the moina theme the shift in power dynamics that can unhinge friendships love or work relationships and like in almost every piece of fiction i love the pause seeps into the present like a septic wound false judgments constantly being revealed a la false judgment some really fool them but bevo i just adore this book because i do i admire curtis system feld for his perceptiveness empathy as a writer and spending time with this phone the will make you a more self aware human being which is the highest.

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