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From the town fair tire city. I was powered by town fair tire. And nobody beats town fair tire. Nobody iron Staten Island. What's up? Yes. Glowing heard and he's a good quarterback coach raven about Donald you knew we'd like Donald though, because he's tough. And he's a guy who makes plays down the field, which is what he likes. Absolutely excellent. I'm calling about luck. And I wanted to only talking about name, I think lots doesn't get tossed in with the rest quarterbacks fantasy players because maybe his numbers get skewed or. No, his numbers a big. I mean, he he has big numbers in the fantasy. But the point is, you know, he doesn't people have I think forget about them because the team is in Indianapolis, and he doesn't get a lot of attention. But I think if you talked to the league everybody in the league knows how good luck has every everybody in the league does every coach does and he has played brilliantly this year. I mean they wanted four and he had twenty drops. He's had fourteen twelve four dropped. And he's and he's averaging thrill yards of passing a game. And he's averaging sixty seven percent completion. The guy is played out of his mind and the team stinks. Why he's amazing. And you know, it'd be interesting to see if we get bowls gets the better of him. Like, he didn't know fifteen when we got three picks against them or look comes in here and with them up like it did know sixteen but this weekend you not around the ring Super Bowl team. And I have to bring this up with name also. Wait go and then accents that play in the cult. So they're on their honor. In the Ron Herman the the big team team yet. Fifty fifty. Is it fifty though? So it's it's a how many of them are alive. I haven't done look. But I'm hoping reached recorded am. I know there was unfortunately, some of them have left us, but I take record Ashim so around hopefully, they can make it, but I wouldn't name it. You know, I it's a different game theory. I get it. And of course, you know, people look at his numbers each will walk extending touching. How good he was. Right. And if my if you imagine if he had healthy knees. Just how great you just heard Bruce Arians talk about bear Bryant bad. Brian. I interviewed bear Bryant once in my life scared. The heck out of me. I was a kid, and he had that gravelly voice when he walked in the room, you could hear a pin drop. Okay. I mean, this was bigger than life. This was like God walking in the room. I was a baby. And he's I asked him a question. I said who's the best player ever coach? He said two guys Ozzie Newsome and Joe Nemeth. But he said Joe Nemeth healthy was the best most talented player I ever ever coach in my life. How about nine trillion players, and he said Joe Nemeth was the best. But I believe that because to me fought with Nemeth. I mean, he named gave them fits. I mean in the beginning. He didn't wanna stay there. How still and went to Pennsylvania to bring him back. He said bring that guy back here. He gave you he he gave a lot a lot of grief be bad discipline them. I mean, it was. He could run in the beginning. Because name it's you know, was the guy was a bonus baby in baseball. He was offered a ton of money to play major league baseball. The guy was a great athlete. It was a great basketball player. He was also a pull shop. He was a guy was he was he was an incredibly gifted athlete, and he was cocky is heck to as you know, when he went down there. Of course. And you know, it's funny because it's like you said his athletic ability, if she was healthy and flaking case game, he's able to wonder off to you're always. And and everything I mean, he was so good. Anyway. Now, listen, he didn't play on. He played hurt a lot. He didn't take care of himself. He played hurt a lot. But he could throw the ball with anybody and in this game. Now the way they play forget it and the guy who plays the most like is luck. That's the guy who plays Marino played like. But this guy plays like him in that he takes chances like name within the luck takes chances that and they let them do it. No one else. No one else takes chances like luck. Those luck takes chances all over the field. He takes he tries to make passes that no one else tries to make. But I think you have to admit name attack the quickest release and got rid of the ball. The only guy who could the fastest released. The only guy. I looked like him was Marino. Marino carried the ball. Like Nemeth and released it like name is carrying it up high like that. Released it they were a lot of like if you wanna passing style Marino's the most like him just pure passing style. But as far as being, you know, a playing with abandon I'd say ago plays the most like luck. We'll try to make plays down the field more than just about anybody in the league if he gets time to if you can block it, and if they can hold onto the ball how many passes did they drop it in New England. My God, they must've dropped eight passes. But that's a fun game with him and Donald Sunday could be it could be a little bit of a shootout. Pietton Albertson was Pete. Tom, Mike, what's happening? Without even talking about Shurmur who looks lost. Now. I want to get your opinion on it. What do you think overall stat like level of coaching the NFL? I think it's I you. I'm not sure sherman's lost. I'm not. I'm not. I'm not ready to say that. I'm not sure I'm ready to say that yet. But what about the general coaching in the league? Wait, you know, to me get you have coaching trees. You know, what I'm saying coaching changes? You know, winning coaches passed down from them coaches come from them since about one so much. Terrible. Terrible. And I think the reason why is the end the winning has been so centralized with. He doesn't delegate I think that's the biggest to delegate he's not a delegator. And I think is one and he went to anyone listen. The feeling is assistance. I mean, he could override his assistance. He might let them coach a little better than does. But he would override them to. He was tough on them. He had his hand in everything. Also. But. He. Coaching is so bad. He's had great success though. Because you know, he has on his tree he gets ballot. Check. So number one. He also gets Sean Payton he gets Tom Coughlin and Bill was always Bill was always extremely high. I could tell you Bill fulltime constantly was going to be a Super Bowl champion coach from the beginning when he left him. He said I'm telling you that guy is going to be a great coach from the beginning. He thought he was going to be a great coach. And he also has been very high Mike Zimmer who is one of his guys to very high on Mike Zimmer and he builds a share a bunch of guys to like Romeo and guys like that that they share Romeo coach for Billy coach for for for Belgium. The Belgian tree is not done. Well, we know that. Jason and Clifton. What's up Jason, Mike? He's issue. I have when you look at you. He likes since two thousand eleven we made the playoffs once the two thousand sixteen playoff year, even here twelve at a sixteen games we scored less than twenty three points. Mike now if you look at it twenty nine. About scoring. Here's where they scored a lot. The year Coughlan the coffee fired. They scored a ton of points, and they lost. Mike. There's no other quarterback where you've your records like thirty three and fifty three over five years. I understand he wants us to championships. I am so grateful for that Mike, but you have to look at the body of the work over the last five years. It's not like this is a one year this year last year. If you look at it the body of work because the guy winning record. I does he have a winning record. I correct statement. Sure it is over fifteen years. You're gonna go through good coaches in bed coaches, you're not gonna get Tom Brady got the same coach for all these years. That's rare. You're gonna go through good coaches, and bad coaches. It happens look at rivers record. Grivas is a terrible quarterback. You go through good coaches, bad coaches, bad personnel decisions. Good personnel decisions. Here's the question. When you give the guy a chance to win the game. First of all, you know, we can play in this league is played in the league. He's got fifty thousand yards passing. He's got you know. Three hundred and fifty touchdown. Whatever. The numbers are. As you've been the best quarterback never been a good solid quarterback day in day out. Absolutely. And he has he been big in the big game enormously. That's his career. He's been a he's been a very solid quarterback day in day out. And he's always been good. Layton games when the games, but on the line, and he's been very good in playoff games. That's been his career has he played enough playoff games alone. But but you know, what the last three years the Tom Coughlin? They lost a couple of years with Tom Coughlin his last game with Tom Coughlin. They scored a lot of points and lost. That's because the defense collapse in the next year the announcement hundred million defense, and Tom was all ticked off. And they made the playoffs. Fifty to forty nine. They lost thirty nine thirty six. Remember some of those games that year? They scored a lot of points in the last couple of years, they haven't, but they they completely misjudged the -fensive line. And they changed the date changed the offense. With delay? Was not allies office. Tony in north haven. What's up, Tony? Hi, mike. What's happened? We got a couple of things about the giants. Number one. What you li-? I think if anybody who understands football looks at his stats for this year. He's pushing close to eighty percent completion on the past place that they give them to run. So that says it all right there. I mean, he he doesn't pick the place coaches do second way too. There was a gentleman that called you earlier about the third in two at the end of the Carolina game the third one where one when McCaffrey got the first correct? Okay. I think Schumer really needed to even if he was turned over because of the amount of time left. He needed to throw away red flag and have it reviewed to why. If you watch it. I've watched it. It would have been forced out. And what were they done? They wouldn't have had time to finish another kicked the field goal. They had thirty seconds. They would've kicked a field goal. Would they would've kicked the field goal? They kicked the shot. Anyway, I understand that would have been different. They got I on another plane..

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