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Sean was looking at a minimum of fifty to seventy two years in prison, and may of this year, the jury found great guilty and recommended the death sentence prior to a sentencing Sean made a statement to the court on June. First the judge sentenced, Sean to death for Elizabeth and Stacey and another ninety years in prison for the other charges. Stacy's family was in court all wearing purple shirts labelled with the hashtag Stanley strong. As the crowd applauded. Sean looked over from the defense table with a smile and nodded in agreement although the judge sentenced Sean to an execution date on the anniversary of his arrest. Notice of appeal was filed and the date was postponed. Richland County also announced the are pursuing charges against Sean in connection with the death of Candace Cunningham and Rebecca Lacey to which he has already confessed, including three counts of aggravated murder. One count of murder two counts of aggravated arson. Three counts of kidnapping three counts of tampering with evidence and two counts of gross abuse of a corpse on September twelve one day before the two year anniversary of Shawn's arrest. The town of Ashland had some semblance of closure. When the city tore down the home on covert court. On September thirteenth of this year. Shawn's original execution date. He pleaded not guilty in Richland County court. We'll be following this trial as it continues. But until then look around you and stay vigilant they may appear to be a friend. But let's face it. People suck. Soared and scale is a wonder original incongruity media production. If you joy, the show

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