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A nice big bowl alright on the ball size retribution on that week awesome perfect ones with milan but a couple weeks ago when you're not this down it with him and plaque him it's been in your area the best shot for reds which would be the biloxi marshall interior i caught a beloved a nice big will read our last week in the biloxi marsh you know the ball rich strictly hang out in open water i don't think the the nearside the western sure weren't of like born probably not an option with the win but the eastern side would be it's you care down your way across and they have a if i was looking for rotational above average signs something close to look wake more touches theo coast award away or little wake the lower per river that sort of area he's got it just like your thoughts on white boots got a pair of course here are not been richmond that's pretty interesting i guess that makes sense that they are known soak up but he quite so much and maybe here to keep cordy you know you can see in a little blemish on it yeah and i like somebody said that that all scuffle up you vote you know you're pretty vote is you got right it out got and like wants got the total scott that the the put won't be scott and i like a wide the wide mouth on him you know it's good to get a lotta romeo get to come on often he's really yet yes very easy tuck you pants down inside of it pretty comfortable that's a staple in selfies please yeah absolutely it's a tradition well i'm going to declan next saturday white boot days everybody's got white where i'm if you don't get i'm not say what i have given the little me any white boots whenever we have a in new arrival in the did viewed family i used to try to find some little white votes to fit in really good and when they first out walking they look really good helps i'm walking on those moves caught a whole them up a little bit yeah you know training boots you got it mike any other advice people had about dealing with this when the sides you know hogan all shorts that's what a clean water is there's a lot to clean water like i said.

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