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I don't know if you made that boy into the public. Yeah, your own transportation because they don't know how anybody in the truck they don't want to drive is getting sick. Or if the driver happens to be a carrier, they don't wanna get you sick. Yeah, I mean these air and after Dad just published the general listening public should be made aware of that. Yes, that's a good idea Way will bring that up when he comes on next hour. Okay, number two. In the event of your from Long Island, you break down in New Jersey. You need to get flatbed it back to New York. Who pays for it all. I believe the customer always passed the customer always pit with any towing service customer always pays the toll. You gotta pay the toll both ways because he's gotta get back to you. Absolutely. That's the way it works so that the Idea is Don't break down on the other side of a bridge or the park carriage that you have a choice. Okay, well, I just wanted the general public to be aware of that because It's something you run into, like I didn't know about this, You know? Okay. And you can't You can't sit in the car. Oh, yeah, You can't say shit in your car. Right? Right. It's really stand. It's become a big problem for everybody getting towed. Whether it's triple A or not, it's zone, not holding them. Just making it making people aware. It's a good thing you say. Not only do you have to call Triple a For to get your car rescued. But you gotta call some family member to come pick us. If this is even more proof. This is more proof of why you need to not break down and the way you don't break down is you get your car properly maintained. Throughout the year. Well, look at that one of'em offended. Benda. Just stuff happens. Accident Accidents happen. Yes. You could need to quote over lift. Yeah, you know, But you're You're right out 78 your Western new tricks. You had to figure this stuff all out having problems going You have to forget I had I had a guy work for me. That was in almost almost a brand new vehicle. I think it was a Hyundai. The engine literally self destructed on the on the highway. And Hyundai. Actually, to their credit. They paid for the uber from the middle of Pennsylvania all the way out to Long Island for him and his family to come like it was, like $700 or something. That's a that's a real warranty. That's what you call a real wanted. Using this stuff we go through. All right, Stanley. Thank you. Okay. All right. Bye. Okay. Once more. Everybody who has questions can call us at 8886927234. Email US at auto live radio at gmail dot com. Even if you have a comment on last week's topic, which was movie cause favorite movie cause famous movie cause We had several people email in questions about last week's topic, so you can still call in about that, if you want or today's topic. Since this is veterans Week. Wednesday was Veterans Day. I'm gonna be talking a lot about veterans and caused today and right now, Robert Erskine has some water report on that topic. Don't you rub it? I certainly do. My thank you. Thank you. Very much has just be mentioned this week was what we call here in Great Britain The Armistice Day. Which is when we all commemorate for a two minute silence at 11 o'clock on the 11th off this month, we commemorate the ending of hostilities of both world wars. Now there is a certain individual who will remain secret for a moment. And I know that Mike's going to make a announcement regarding this and Robert before before you continue to say Robert, Before you continue. I have to give credit where credit is due. This segment that you're going to speak about is spot is inspired by on number one fan Charlie Finch, who reminded me during the week of something that you had reported on years before on order lab. So now I want to thank Charlie Finch for his contribution of reminding me of this topic. So now continue Rob it. Okay, well, the there is a certain individual who's going to remain secret. I understand. And I know that Mike is going to make announcement. But What is really interesting is that everybody during World War two right across all levels off society with thrown in to having toe Assist and contribute in a positive way on. Of course, one of the most important areas was to keep things running. So we have engineers and we have mechanics who are at the top of the list who have to make things work and have to fix fix certain things. And As I said there is a certain individual who was regarded as the most famous mechanic in Great Britain. I'm not going to say who it was. But what I can't say is that this individual got Both hands very dirty, full of oil full of grease on became extremely adept at what had to be done to keep trucks running to keep ambulances running. To keep all sorts of vehicles running. And I understand that this individual was one of the quickest to take out a set of champion spark plugs cleaned them. Recap them on, put them back as well as to get under any vehicle and take off springs. And this person did not have the same mistake that you had with your first spark plug experience, right? Are you gonna bring that up? First Experience was at the age of six. I went into my dad's Ford Zephyr engine and decided it would be a good idea to take the spark plugs out with a hammer on a pair applies and I broke all the insulators chase around the garden because rabbit but well, but I don't want to Snow. Yeah, I don't want to step on your surprise, but I think a lot of our listeners will not believe I think a lot of our listeners will not believe you When you reveal who the mystery mechanic is so in order to prevent people from disbelieving you We have From your BBC predecessors. Living proof of what you say is true. Taking a driving calls that a training center.

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