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Their convincing four two one win over Puerto in Portugal. They take both legs six. To one aggregate reds getting goals for Manet selloff me. No and Virgil Van Dyke Liverpool's going to next face Barcelona in the semi finals. Meanwhile, Tottenham they reach their first ever Champions League semi-final. That's despite a four to three loss at Eddie hod to Manchester City to win on away goals after four all aggregate draw. Son young men scoring two goals within the first ten minutes of the match before the Spurs. Hold on with the help of VA are ruling disallowing a heen. Sterling scored three minutes into stoppage time to to Sergio Garo being offsides Hotspurs are going to face. I XE Amsterdam in the semis. Sources aboard that Manchester. United boss only good Arcelor shies targeted upgrades at defense midfield the net forward for the possibility of five new faces on the pitch the potentially eight Red Devils on the move this summer Solis is expected significant funds to spend on the transfer market NBA playoff action heading to the second quarter in Boston Celtics trailing the Pacers. That is thirty three twenty nine Boston to leads that series two games. Excuse me, one game to nothing. Meanwhile. In the NHL three fifteen to go in the first playoff hockey, Boston. Eight to nothing lead at Toronto in that series. Major league baseball the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox headings the bond the fourth the Yankee Stadium. Boston leads three nothing. Bottom to Washington. Three San Francisco nothing. Bottom of the second Baltimore trails Tampa Bay three to nothing finals from earlier the Mets lose at Philadelphia. Three two two coming up later tonight. Oakland home for the Houston Astros on Dan Schwartzman. That's your Bloomberg.

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