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Had companies particularly smaller companies if they were able to keep more of the money that they earned they're going to reinvest in their companies because they're in this dogeatdog competitive environment they have to improve their equipment and services and people in those kinds of things multinational corporations i dunno that's beyond my pay i have no clue that's beyond my pay grade i i can't even comprehend what they might do but i know what i i know what a small to mediumsized business is going to do win it has a lower tax liability good try like hell to stay in business by upgrading its equipment by may be starting the new product line or doing something different or giving a good employer pay raise those kinds of things because that's what you have to do why why why they do that because that what you have to do to stay in business the text oppy moon new occur i'm sorry i guts grip jacked up here checks oppy hobbies what's going to happen to poppies here's what's going to happen at major colleges universities ticket prices are going to double they won't make coaches pay the tax no i i doubt seriously they would make the coaches pay the taxes i mean the university is paying universities are paying the salaries so that's a liability on the college or university now may be in negotiations they might say well look you know now at this this pay were given you actually costas more now i mean maybe that'll fit factor negotiations i don't know and i tell you how will find out we'll find out by asking shane lyons wvu athletic director next this is talkline on metronews metronews is the voice of west virginia nature lose hotline with steve bishop weekday afternoons from three until six on the voice of.

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