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To play dodge ball that's a quote from billy madison all i did during the state i feel like was quote white goodman head making jokes mr jokey joke maker love sorry because i hear white goodman from the movie dodgeball and i just like i'm like oh he is like a little bit of inspiration behind my alternate go rick anyways dodgeball i wish chris harrison would have called me up and i could have sat there down the commentary khorasan we're shooting you know doing some dodgeball quotes if he can died a ranch you could dodge ball even though i wouldn't be funny i would just be ceiling all of the quotes from dodgeball but anyways leo is freaking amazon woman like what what how long i've so many questions for leo and lincoln leo like how did you get your hair like that is it genetics do you use a specific product that i should be knowing about do you use sugar bear hair how many times a week do you wash your hair how long did it take you to get it that long to use hot tools because you don't have any breakage you've shined but it's not like too much shine that it's greece just i need answers and advice so if you could just maybe i don't know reach out somehow i've could really use some hair advice i told jelly of his flow man just jelly of the flow i've episode is kind of hard to talk about because i'm not super invested in anyone yet like blake kind of because he had the one on one but you got to like really i don't know i feel like it's like episode.

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