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Woo them everyone to the sports gambling pack. Same Sean Stack in the money green with my partner picks Ryan Real Money Kramer. What's happening crime dog well Sean? It's the reckoning thing the recommends here. What does that first week of practice with the ones all week you're not? You're no concern about taking the victory lap the the you know even Shurmur like no you guys told me how he looked out there. No no concern at all that maybe maybe the Daniel Jones I mean are are. They getting the measurements for the jacket. Are you a little worried that we might be jumping the gun. No no first of all. I haven't heard anyone talk about measurements of Jackets L. I've second there. You're polishing is bust Kinley. I I appreciate keep throwing the compliments. If that's what if a jinx reverse jinx is in order that's what it's GonNa take for you. Go for it all day baby because I saw kid that was confident cool collected and oh by the way Sean. We need to update it so I think last week because this is all related waited Sean last week in time out we had the dolphins and the raiders yes. I think we have to make a little bit more room for the Washington redskins. Do you agree really who really even though they're going up against the New York giants this week yeah. That's that's part of the reason why you gotta put them in case he's keenum did have five turnovers and again. I've been on the case keenum poor mechanics wagon for a long time also concerning Jay gruden still the head coach yeah very excited about Daniel Jones very excited about the trajectory of this this team hopefully saquon shows. He's got a alien like like muscles and ligaments and he can recover in four weeks. My my boy Wayne gaughman chestnuts Wayne appreciate the birthday again then his prices skyrocketed on cameo from thirty five dollars to forty dollars so a big step up for Gelman you know he's he's embracing racing the role as the workhorse back and decided hey you know it's time to it's time to step up Jack my price up a little bit Kramer..

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