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Radio city here's John what's your the coronavirus spotlight today things were going really well in New Zealand they basically open the country back up they have cases in the single digits and so they have a new problem over there since they lifted the lockdown on restaurants people are swarming to burger joints like we will be here right yeah imagine what we can tell you can you can still order out but yeah yeah yep so restaurants are facing a problem because they still a social distancing effects they've opened things up but they told people keep your distance be smart like we have an effect here but the restaurants have opened up and in one place called burger fuel this is what the this is what the manager said day one of our re opening saw our burger fuel stores inundated with a stampede of customers beyond what we anticipated we had to call the police wow the police had to show up and tell people guys nice line keep social distancing chill out a little bit is that what it's going to be like a wire and meet well I think you know I don't know I don't need to be running out you can still order it to go I still have my favorite burger place I can get stuff from yeah I mean we had burgers delivered here yeah I don't I think it'll be okay actually I'm gonna be okay I think more it's gonna be people are frustrated they're restaurants you can open and they're gonna go someplace any time today like you're gonna go somewhere in there and say we're only let in seventeen people in the restaurant I agree I think it's gonna be like two hundred now you have to wait outside in the long line to let people invite or fourteen at W. T. M. J. sports with Greg is up next and Brett Farr of talking about Aaron Rodgers we're gonna dive into his comments coming up before four thirty castle this mattress is open because right now for.

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