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And naturally, we hope we're saying the same thing at the end of this ball game. Tom Leech and Jeff A coral join us now and Tom. Everybody in the league dealing with Kobe, Kentucky hit particularly hard last week. The offense is born the brunt of it, though. The defense. Not so much. Yeah, you get Damon Jamie Davis back this week. He was out last week and the other squares been battling an ankle injury that he suffered new Georgia games. This could be the first time since the Georgia game. That you've had square and Davis in there together, And I think that's no worthy because they have played very well in combination this year, and Kentucky hasn't played as well defensively in the last two games, as they have been playing and maybe not acquaint that necessarily a coincidence. It's without those two guys. Playing together. Terrel Asian didn't see going through warmups. Some assuming mostly is gonna get the start there, but otherwise they got pretty much their guys good to go on the offensive side. You've got a rig out. You got Rodriguez out. You've got horsie out for dinner is going through pre game So it looks like Luke may be able to start it. One of the guards spots today. We'll see when when they go out there. But to get Brendan Bates back this week in the tight end rotation, and so that helps that tight in the other thing is gave last week. They didn't find out. A couple of guys were out of the picture, including rig until Friday, and they had a lot of things in their game plan, using what they call their 12 personnel with two tight ends, and they still played too tight ends at times, but they didn't have the trust in running some of the stuff they wanted to run without rig out there now, with Bates back that gives him a chance to do that. They didn't get any last minute surprises with losing players on front Asian tried to play through his injury last week in Tuscaloosa, but spent the second half on the bench. Jeff getting those two linebackers.

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