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This was leaked. By Cohen's attorney Lanny Davis I'm not certain why because it's, not a bombshell, but there are there's clearly a conversation on their about what they're going to do what Michael Cohen. Is, going to do to try to spike the story of Karen McDougal she's the playboy playmate what a shady ass fixer the president, hired to be, his personal attorney this is somebody. Who should be able to keep all your, secrets in a lock box go to the grave, with the secrets. Like good New York fixer attorneys do but this guy was wearing a recording device when he was bringing up sensitive topics. To Donald Trump, now Lanny Davis who's Michael Cohen's attorney says the reason he, would record, things was so he, didn't have to write, down notes No because then he would put the recording device maybe on the table or something. And, and both parties would no clear yes that's exactly Gary and Shannon weekday mornings at ten KFI AM six forty four stimulating Son back from China with all new, sunglasses, they should have their own line of sunglasses it's less work to open up a sunglasses hut maybe instead of like. My, three sons with the foot, could. Have they're all. Wearing sunglasses and. Their, heads, back Instead of foot going up and down it's, putting glasses in and out of their pocket Tim Conway junior weekdays at six KFI, AM, six forty, four stimulating If you think it's hot outside.

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