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It's forty eight hour back senior NBA writer for Bleacher report. Thank you for joining us. I am very pleased to be joined in studio today by RJ Hampton. You should know his name by now, folks, easy, five star basketball, recruit, number five in ESPN, one hundred class of twenty nineteen draft class of twenty twenty but you will not be seeing him this fall playing for Memphis or Kansas or Texas Tech, which were his finalists before he decided to go his own route, and that route is going to take him halfway around the world to the New Zealand breakers in the Australian National Basketball league. This is a ground-breaking move folks of very rare move for a player of his caliber and one who does not have to do this. He's got the grades. He's got the SAT's. He's a really bright kid. He could be going to any of the great schools in the US to start his or to, to pursue a college career before going into the draft. But he made a different kind of choice. He. Believes that the best way to the NBA the best path is distraught off as a professional immediately. So he's going to New Zealand with his entire family and he's gonna play for the New Zealand breakers, a team that's part owned by former NBA all star Shawn Marion, and it's a fascinating choice. We've seen a few other guys, do this usually under duress where their grades or something else didn't work out. So we saw Brandon Jennings go to Italy back in two thousand nine and Emmanuel moody go to China in two thousand fourteen this is a little different in the Australian basketball league is also made a very big push to get guys who don't want to go to college..

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