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But then we we had a request to talk to marry more pe- people want to turn this into career day. I think there's a lot of curiosity. But how you do your. Job. How you just did the dog show? But let's let's do a little tennis. I so I scribbled case down which I usually don't take the time to pair. But you you make me nervous. All right. Let's do game show style attack defender, modify the following assertions. Okay. New Davis Cup is a win for tennis. I I sure as hell hope so I don't feel that way. As you know, I've been critical of the Davis Cup ever since attacking all these. I'm attacking. Yeah. I and again, if you listen to unique no is impassioned speech. When I mean that thing and unique can make it all sound. I'm that guy. He has my number anyway. That right on front read your shopping list, and I will. I'm with you know, I, you know, I think there I think it's an absolutely terrible date November. And I know date Haggerty would love to switch that around. I think you can't have that many team cups. I think it's so fish, and and help the feeding to just Crandon already ridiculous calendar in with some other thing at the end of the year, and absolute I I hate the idea that three billion dollars is being thrown around allegedly theoretically and not one dime of it has been earmarked for the women for the Fed Cup. So no, I've got a lot of issues with it. And if I get proven wrong, I'll be the first ones who I promise you. I'll tell you. But I I right now, I'm I miss. I I know it needed changing needed adjusting. But I think they really bent the needle in such an aggressive way that they'll be problems. This was people like fascist there in the French guys say that they're not even gonna they're not playing it. And they're guessing that a lot of the other guys aren't planning it. And it seems that the top guys like Federer aren't committing to. You know that that you gotta have big guys there. No, it it. It reminds me a bit about Brexit, and it's very easy to it's very easy to cast a vote. I mean, I think something did need to change trains fairly radically. But it's very easy to cast a vote and very easy to write mention a dollar figure, and then when the rubber meets the road, and you've actually got to exit the European Union, and you're realizing that the economic model you've voted on might not be the one that's gonna be exactly in reality. It's a little different. I didn't like that. There is a lack of transparency through throughout. And that really bothered me. The fact that a lot of money got thrown at a lot of different countries. So that they'd get said they'd come to. Yes. That bothered me as I said, I if it works. Well, I'll be the first to say I was wrong. I hope it works. Well, I I do think Dave Dave Hegarty is you you spoke to him. I remember, right. I did. And you know, he. You've spoken with him as well. The guy's very optimistic off in the sick night. But I will say on the gender point. He is he he does be fairly transparently. But how he does hope that this carries over to a women's model to. But I don't think that this model is good for the men or the with. So, you know, again, you're gonna get a bunch of of you know, what eighteen nations I hate your wildcard thing, by the way that grows as it's gross. And you know, I and by the way, I'm not saying that you need huge names to make Davis Cup or Fed Cup. A great event. I mean, my favorite my favorite matches in Davis Cup. So often come in the double skies that you know, in might not really know that well, or or when w for rare comes up with a huge win against Kohlschreiber in the Spain against Germany mentioned, robbing dollars going absolutely nuts along with the rest of his team tyring on the veteran. Some so many of the most amazing the, you know, exhilarate matches that come and said Cup and data's come. Because somebody not the store steps up. Right. I mean, that's right. I mean, I do think..

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