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Dingo boots the best boost swearing you're walking going away from a double homicide fucking Dingo not br around anymore. Money was flown in O._J.. Live in it up and Hollywood social media been around the do what have been killing instagram. I'm guessing what thirty million followers at least ninety-three nights eighty three O._J.. Lands and other spotlight limelight when it becomes one of the commentators on the one of the most popular shows on T._v.. Monday night football the juice is in the booth. You know they said that at least ten times in one thousand nine hundred three Simpson appears in two of the best made for T._v.. Movies of all time based on titles he starts him Ham Moan and hilly and even better title cocaine and Blue Eyes how great those movie names Fuck Yes. I'll watch cocaine of Blue Eyes sold actually I won't I tried the whole things on Youtube and I tried to find one good like line. It's so bad it's not even so bad. It's good it's just fucking boring for a long time you again. You can watch entire thing on youtube. If you just have an hour and a half you don't get to talk about or you can buy the D._V._D.. On Amazon if you have an hour and a half and twenty bucks you don't talk about fast a couple years nights eighty-five February second now twenty five year old Nicole thirty-seven-year-old o._J.. Get married former close friend in a coal former actress Robin greer would later say O._J.. Made Sexual advances torture at their wedding classy tap could be slander but based on other things you'll hear soon also not out of his character nineteen ninety-five also is the era O._J.'s elected to the pro football hall of Fame Kent Ohio and August third overwhelmingly selected in his first year of eligibility ability in his acceptance speech mentioned that coach from High School Jack Mc Bridge says you know there are people in your life who teach you things stay with you and I can recall the Jack McBride. Excuse me Jack Jack and bridge one of those guys who had that affect on me I ever in down both ways fucking who cares. It's McBride Urban Bridge One layer difference. I'll never forget Jack because he told me he said Oh. Jay In this world are rules. We must all live by. He said you gotTA learn that. If we're going to be successful in this world you're going to have to learn to accept responsibility for your actions. You tried to help him. Jack got no. She tried if only would apply to.

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