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It's someone else which I thought was a little weird little strange, but moving on and. So what this episode acid do with is. You know, like a course Beverly Goldberg still thinks that Adam is her, you know, little little baby. You know, even though he's almost demand at this point. Right. And they go to like, it's not I don't think it was blockbuster. But something blockbuster like to rent movies and Jackie's with them. And she says, you know, let's just like we'll just rent. You know, my parents have is rent nightmare on elm street, which he's never seen before. And, you know, his mom, of course, like, no. It's too scary. Nightmares? You know, and she goes now, you'll be final watch it and Adam Globes. Like, you know, what you're right. I will be fine. I'm going to be okay. I'll watch this. I've no problems. And of course, surprise surprise, eight freaks them out. He's scared by it. And he does have a few nightmares as the progresses. You know? He gets so freaked out. He actually like just starts drinking jolt. I think it's jolt cola or volt cola. He he drinks that. And he doesn't sleep for days and days because he. Knows you're going to have free Krueger nightmares. And what this brings in is that, you know, Beverly is really mad that like Jackie's parents let, you know, Adam watch this movie. How dare they? And if that's not bad enough, though, it goes deeper to where Jackie's dad at she shows him fan Goria, and he gets to see you know, like how the movie was made. And that hey, Freddie is really just an actor. And it actually kinda helps him get over, you know, his fear and stop having dreams. Stop having nightmares. Right. And this is what really peeves Beverly like, how dare you? You know, make my kid better. That's impossible. I'm his mom only. I can make them better. So anti causes a little feud between Adams, parents and Jackie's parents so chunk of the episode that is going on where you know, because like because his his dad doesn't like that Jackie's dad like he thinks they're just kinda hippies and he doesn't like that. He. And at the same time, you know, the Jackie's parents don't like, you know, how they are there to, you know, constricting there to like a strict, and, you know, and they want to do things at certain way where you know, Jackie's. Parents little more relaxed a little bit more chilled out about things. So there's some good moments, you know, of trying to get the two of them apart from each other and trying to work things out there trying to, you know, rip adamant Jackie apart. And of course, that's not gonna happen. But they think it's going to happen. There's at you really cool scene in this episode. I relate to where Beverly tries to watch the movie, and she actually like, you know, kind of has a nightmare about, Freddie. But it doesn't go away. Freddie plans. You know, like, and it was really kind of cool to see like, you know, Robert England in the, Freddie, you know, cost him again and in the mask and there's moments where he goes. Ooh. This kind of not what I'm used to that. They need to leave. This is not for me. So it was kind of funny to see like, you know, him kind of get flipped for lead like well what's going on here? But I, you know, why why are you not scared to me? Why are you not all freaked out? What what's happening? I don't understand. And at the same. There's also another story on this episode where you know, Jeff, which is Erica 's boyfriend really wants to do like some comic couples costume in..

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