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How many parents like have childlike be a wrapper or a singer. Or you know yeah and it never happens. It's like it's normal especially in our family you know she's like highlights not going to happen like you know yet but yeah so that we fought a lot man like finally like you know after. I told her i quit. My job is to go on this tour. She was all right cool. That's cool. How far like all right. then after. a while. Then more bookings in touring and then she was asked she would say i'm proud of you stay. I'm glad you listen to me. 'cause like it wouldn't have been able to do what you're doing now like the investo. Yeah not super cool. Yeah hell yeah well. This has been great man It's really good to catch up with you before we get out of here. Is there anything else. We haven't talked about anything else. That's on your mind anything else. You wanna get out there Now i'm just put out some kinds of all kinds of crazy music though all kinds of collaboration as you probably wouldn't expect man. I'm going all over the place. Where aprons now man is going to be scan. Go i love a man. I'm stoked to hear everything you're working on and i'm gonna ask you one last question before we get out of here. It's the question. I asked the end at each one of these episodes. As kind of just like the first thing that pops in your head kind of question Just looking for a time in your life the memory a moment when it could be from any time in your life when in a single moment music really deeply affected. You really had a deep impact on you in that moment and that's meant to be super broad. There's no wrong answer. Honestly is there's a lot like i'm really the worst out on the spot moments but i guess one comes up to mind. Was i remember. Hearing a song. Verona on the radio the time all the time and are always. Remember the melody and this was back then. When there's obviously there's no the only on the radio that they played is if they said it was a new song by song so and that rarely happens. So i would hear the song of the time as like a maybe like i was a twelve years old thirteen. Maybe maybe even before maybe it was like a ten know whatever but anyway. They obviously didn't his song again and after years i was like i remember. I was in middle school. High schools like yo. What song is an remember hearing. The melody can know the melody. But how can i find a song from just as melody as our way demar research research didn't find anything. Confining thing because a melody i had. I had an old the lyrics right then i was like whatever manage kinda give up on it and then years later when i was in high school like a senior minion and maybe was in college. Actually computer and i came across the song and it was a week. This is the song crazy. Because i love this song confiding Lakewood eight years right so i was like man on the line. Listen to it a hundred times like in like one hundred fifty times a day after Founded and still bears on tuesday and is push the feeling on by Caller shit like what assigned. Mk mk dub. Obviously but that that song man no matter like where. Like every time i hear. It's never gets old samoan. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah i love i mean that's such a classic and i'm sure last people have that kind of experience with that song but i love any kind of music where it can just instantly put you back in a memory or instantly put you back in a feeling within two seconds you know yes exactly like there's not even thought involved. Yeah that's the song that no matter. what mood. I'm in if any some of them out. And i hear it man. You could definitely see me. Change like instantly like our own must log like a burst of energy and not. Just be super happy and not songs do that. So yeah hundred percent. Those are the songs were chasing his producers. Right that's the impossible dream so timeless. Yeah man i love that. That's like yeah. Some of my favorite songs are exactly those kind of moments. But yeah there's been great man. It's good catching up with you. Great to talk to you know same man. Thanks for having me man take care. Liberties all right. That's the show is set out to eight drums. Thanks for coming through. It was great to have you on for everybody out there listening. Don't forget ape drums. These sound boy. Ep is our right now on mad. Decent he's one third of major lazer. They're going to be back on the road heavy. Once everything is fully kicked back into gear. You know how they do it. So go follow abe drums. Keep up today with everything. He's doing the link for that is in the description. You can follow me as well at willie joy or at back to back pot on all social media. Come join the back to back. Discord lincoln description as well and Yeah i that's about it. What else you guys need. You need a massaged. Need me to come over and rub your feet. I mean i can do it. But it's gonna cost extra you know what we'll we'll work that out off of the podcast you know. Just just hit me up in the dmz. We'll work that out yup. It's usually time for me to end the podcast. When i find myself Making arrangements to rub listeners. Feet privately Yeah it's time to turn off the recorder so for everybody out there. I hope you're doing well. I love you all. I'm sending you lots of support on anything. You're working on any goals you're trying to accomplish and that is about it. I will talk to you next week. Big things common. I'm excited. I hope you're excited to take care of yourself. Take care of the people around you. And i will talk to you next tuesday for back to back. This is willie joy peace..

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