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Sean. You said you brought up the fact that You know that you're catholic. And maybe that's why you're gain. I know you're being glib but we've never really talked about this before because rob you were just saying it was a tough time. I can't imagine how difficult that would be in hats off to you and your whole family and kind of railing around and understanding how important that was to kind of how difficult that must be in that time in in so sean we've never really talked about this. How typical was that growing up in your irish catholic existence outside of chicago in the similar. I imagine quite similar circumstances as an knowing probably knew you were gay from. Oh yeah five years old. Yeah and yeah no thanks for asking. Its yeah it was it was. It was weird. You know you go to church. Go to your raise irish catholic. It's like you just blindly go because that's where your mom and dad and family bring you and you learn all about do you go to. Ccd i don't know if you go to. Ccd classes about bible classes. And right do all of that and then you get older. And you realize oh. I can't talk about this. I because i'm told i'm bad and kentucky but a church certainly in rob. Were you guys religious rod. Did you have a difficult time with the church or your mom and your dad and all that s it was. It was just something that wasn't wasn't discussed but my father. We had a very close relationship with the church because my father was almost a priest in fact he was in his last year of seminary school when he met my mother. So there's a whole lot of real interesting stories wrapped up in religion sexuality and all this stuff so much so much guilt from what i understand from all my friends and people who are who are certainly see catholic. There's always talked about that. Catholic guilt thermodynamic for both. You guys very complicated feelings. Because you're raised in the church and then you're doing something that they don't approve of for both of you guys have. Did you feel that really in a real way and do you still feel that today. You know i have i have. I don't know about you robert. I have anger because of the hypocrisy because you have by the way with. Isn't that turn into religion. But you know growing up. It's all you hear from ads on tv and billboards in society and families and churches and everything that gays bad games bad and then you of course. Now we're in a much different place long way to go but that we're just as human as anybody else but i got angry at the catholic church because of the hypocrisy of thousands and thousands of children who were molested by catholic priests and we just kind of wall. We're not going to talk about that. We're going to try to bury that as much as possible. So here's all this evidence of pedophilia running amok and the catholic church and they're passing judgment on me for who. I love and telling me like how i should live my life. I don't know about that so like they sand shark tank for those reasons. I'm out and let me ask the the dumdum question. Because i am the dumdum In many areas definitely religion. I know we got the we got the quote. I know zero about religion and so on this issue. Is there something in. Probably a very quick and easy answer. I apologize but is there something in the bible that specifically says you must not be with somebody of the same sex or is it or is it sort of like this is sort of an agreed upon interpretation of some of the vagaries and it pushes it towards heterosexual. Yes and just like anything else. In the bible there's i it's a buffet where people can choose Which sections they want to believe in which they don't to further reinforce their own prejudices right so we see that all all day long with so many various different things Where people will just people are doing that with the constitution. Of course of course you just choose to interpret interpreted the way that that fits whatever sort of narrative. You're looking for right Really quick i i wanted to. I made it a glib joke about your mom and it just from one gay another gay joke about playing golf and all that so hopefully. She's okay with my mother could give to flying fox sure but that's that's having grown up in south philly utah. Budget is to me for making fun of me for playing golf. Do just in general to show you t to to demonstrate how difficult this is for people and again that's why i have endless compassion and empathy for certainly for my mother who was who was navigating this in the in the mid nineteen eighties but we we grew up essentially in the gay community at least half fifty percent of the time we were in the gay community and yet i have to gay brothers one of whom did not come out until he was in his twenty s wow fascinating because he still fell from from cultural and societal perspective that he would not. He just didn't feel comfortable even telling his own brother right. There's did he tell your mom earlier. Now know how growing up in a culture in the family where it was not only i in existence but it was it was embraced and it was and it was a well known. I don't know if comfortable. that's wow Did he explain why he still felt so kind of uncomfortable until twenty something to come out. He did and i mean. Look the to bring it back full circle and not to i. I know that this this show is not It's sort of anathema to be to be sincere. And yes the reasons here. That's fall to be careful about being sincere because you'll get hurt real. Well i'm gonna. I'm gonna i'm gonna i'm gonna shine the light in shawn's direction so what i said to sean in the in the doctor's office at dr. Ihs was that. I believe that will and grace not single handedly. But but was a massive massive part of a cultural revolution that obviously started in the sixties and seventies and stonewall which was the which was the the beginning of it. But i think like really changing hearts and minds which i know you've discussed Ad nauseam sean. But i i just want to bring it back to that for a second that show. Seminal seminal for so many people and as a straight white dude who spent his entire life around other straight white dudes to see how impactful that show was Was really changed people's lives. I mean it really did. And i think that there's not a. It's not a coincidence. That people like my brother and then my second brother who who's significantly younger than me. Fourteen years younger than me was never in the closet. So my youngest brother who's five four years younger than me didn't come until he was in his twenties and then my youngest brother was just always out and i think that shows that there was just a dramatic shifts in the late nineties early two thousands and it continues today and In in how accepted the st- the that this is a part.

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