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Get access to over fifty million songs. Download the Amazon music app today. Key figure in the Russia probe will reportedly step down. AP's? Mike have been reports a person within the Justice department says deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein is expected to leave his position within weeks. The officials speaking to the Associated Press on condition on anonymity says Rosenstein is expected to depart by the middle of next month. The White House could name his replacement this week with last week's confirmation of William bars. Attorney general Rosenstein departure was expected he has been on the job for nearly two years overseeing special counsel Robert Muller's investigation after then attorney general Jeff Sessions recused himself. Mike Kemp in Washington. More fallout for each milestones in the team's win over the capital Sunday night before the game hall of Famer Scott Niedermayer had his number twenty seven retired. He kept on the team to it's only Stanley Cup in two thousand seven. He's also the knife player in the NHL history to have his number retired by two teams that was retired his number back in two thousand eleven and goalie Ryan Miller returned to the ice after two months making twenty three saves against the capitals giving him three hundred seventy five career wins. That makes the all time wins leader by a US board goaltender breaking. It's high with John Vanbiesbrouck Miller called it a nice moment saying when he was growing up watching hockey s-. Brooke was definitely go. He looked up to. Star Wars inspired lightsaber battles are now officially recognized. At least in France, the AP's Ed Donahue says the fencing federation now considers it a competitive sport. The force is with them. Unlike the plots of the Star Wars movies competitive, lightsaber dueling is harmless, Mike saver maker Christian views says there are options for anyone set on being a.

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