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Brett bloom. Kmox news Saint Louis police officer mishandled the gun and accidentally shot and killed a colleague early Thursday. According to authorities the shooting happened around one am fry Thursday at an officer's home police chief John Hayden told reporters to on-duty male officers were at one of their apartments when Caitlyn Alex was off duty stopped by police incident. Reports said that the three officers were seated in an apartment living room when one in the mail officers mishandled the firearm, quote, unquote, and shot Alex in the chest male officers both twenty nine drove Alex twenty four to a hospital. That's where she died. Hayden declined to answer questions about the circumstances surrounding Schutte or why the officers had gathered in the home in the first place. Let's official those invested in personal seat licenses. The Rams came to Saint Louis in the mid nineteen ninety s are in line for a partial refunded. Judge granted preliminary approval of the settlement record fell the local attorney who launched this effort on behalf of Rams fans years ago says PSL owners will be notified of their potential refund with. In thirty days about the same time. It'll take to set up a website to facilitate that process. We didn't bring this to make ourselves rich, which is going to do we we brought this as we all said to each other. When we first did it we brought this for Saint Louis the total amount of the settlement with the Rams is expected to be around twenty four million dollars representing thirty percent of each fans. Initial purchase a Georgia man now charged in connection with the two thousand seventeen armed robbery on board the casino Queen in east Saint Louis, according to investigators forty two year old Darrell Muhammed was one of three men armed with rifles who enter the casino Queen around three AM September seventeenth of two thousand seventeen shots were fired and unarmed security guard was wounded before the suspects took cash from the casino and ran off Mohammed was arrested in Georgia. He's now being held on one million dollars bond weather forecast. A bit of snow is possible late today and early into tonight mainly north of the city by tomorrow remaining cold with more, clouds and sun and a high of thirty three degrees. Sunday's high a little warmer, high thirty seven. I'm Brooklyn Campbell likes news..

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