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Like this the old school news brother as the music sing along i remember it brings back memories john i'm doing it right back at ya weekend remix of news entertainment old school hands right back at ya simple simple civil mr joyner on guy torry wednesday guy had a bright and it was that he's sick and tired of people asking him when is he going to have children yes long says he has no intentions of having any children and he's happy with his choice a lot of people including usa agreed that you don't need children or even marriage to make your lives complete thank you and then i got this tax from a mom of three tom and civil kids overrated don't tell them that i said that let's kick out this weekend who have jay now it's time for guys spent the record state that i love plus size people but some of them don't need to be flat if his but could cart checking the beverage cart right the older i get the guest grumpier i get i got grapes all day long with respect to all those parents out there people got kids have been responsible you know but i got a great with people who are trying to spend my money man people asking me when are having kids i get sick of that if my momma ain't asking me why do you care your mom not asking you know she got thirteen grand kids that morning anymore she goes twelve disciples and then what but one of my momma friends asked me when you get your mama grandchild snap i'm sorry i would just say the mustache every time i go home she asked me that question man people stop asking people with no kids when you're gonna have some kids.

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