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The way i got here really wasn't bydesign initially i had left stanford university i head down a little bit of consulting and joined one of my clients at the time all covered konica minolta and then left there and thought okay i'm going to step back into another it leadership role but as it turned out most of the roles that were out there that i was finding when i talked to executive recruiters were very much tech center occur operationally centric meaning they were looking for quote unquote you don't see my air quotes here but they were looking for ceos dead were focused on keeping the lights on you know be the ordertaker be the downstream component in our discussion don't really sit at the table don't really have a contributing voice to where the company goes and how to engage with customers will tell you where we're going and that just again seemed odd to me i ended up kenneth stepping away and i had friends and colleagues of reaching out saying hey you've got some time on your hands and you've got this kind of different perspective come talk to me and so one thing lead to another next thing you know it i ended up with a solid book of business and i'm grateful to say that that has carried me now for seven years and it's all through word of mouth it's been an interesting journey i think we need to explain to people what the coo role really is what is it that a ceo provides to the business tim so let me just in a nutshell what is their job function.

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