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To the audience and plain language, if you get an Uber in the early days, or if you would taking even carry car service before that or music car service, and you're paying them one hundred twenty five dollars for an airport job. I would always get the name of the person and the person would always Hanjour their business card. So they could route around there cab company, and they would say to you. Hey, if you have another right, contact me direct, and I contact them dragging say, hey, it's one hundred twenty five from carry. What will you charge me? And they would typically say, oh, we'll charge you seventy five bucks. So we're both saving money because they were probably giving sixty percent of the cab company. Then Uber came out. What were has so many you don't route around the Ubers? And the reason you. Route around at Uber is because Uber is only taking twenty twenty five percent. So there is a point at which the rake the take from the marketplace is so great that people begrudge it and try to route around. So what is your take rate? What percentage do you take from the tutors? So right now, it's between thirty three and forty percent. And because they're high school university students relative to what they would be making. They're okay with it. But we're looking down the road where when this were really pushing through and peer tutoring really becomes a something that you can do it. It's pretty normal that we're kind of looking ahead to see when people start hopping off the platform what we do at first when you said thirty or thirty three I was like, okay. No big deal. When you said forty I started to say, perhaps I would just be generous from the beginning. It's twenty five and then apple had the same issue. Apple takes thirty percent that seems reasonable. But then for people at subscription businesses like Netflix Spotify. They're like, wait a second people. Stay with our service for ten years. You get to subscription the first year, we give you thirty percent. But we don't want to get thirty percent forever. That makes no sense and those platforms no longer. Let you subscribe to apps store. Okay. However other people like calm.

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