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Trips dropped about four percent average toll prices paid jumped in both the morning and afternoon to seven forty six and four sixty four it was even more in September as summer vacations and did we not says construction work adding eastbound lane is slowing traffic by ten percent from falls church to Rosalyn speeds during the old HOV hours are slower than before tolling started a few years ago speeds in the expanded hours are faster maximize WTOP news concerns about Chinese hackers have prompted metro to reconsider using a state owned company in China to build the next series of rail cars a Washington post reports metro is no longer considering China railway rolling stock corporation after Congress passed a bill prohibiting transit agencies from making purchases like that Virginia senator mark Warner released a statement saying Congress takes the issue of cyber security seriously especially in this case when the rail cars would be used in the nation's capital he was arrested years ago on voyeurism charges in the district and now the same guy is charged with twenty counts of possessing child porn Fairfax county police say they were tipped off by forty eight year old John Paul Kennedy's internet service provider police lieutenant rex pads ray tells NBC for we are covered in the least I've saved hundreds of child **** images and videos we did get twenty warrants for possession of child **** he says the investigation of the former government contractor isn't over so more charges could be coming Kennedy was arrested in the district five years ago for attempting to take illegal voyeuristic videos at area swimming pools sandy Cosell WTOP news a man who saved lives during a mass shooting in Virginia beach is being honored city leaders have named a post office after him vowing to never forgets what he did Ryan Keith **** was one of twelve people who died in that shooting last year in may his father II ray **** says always be remembered as a hero now we also on the way he lives will probably die witnesses say **** save lives and sacrificed his own helping guide people to safety as the shooting was happening your credit score could soon.

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