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To do with russia the president already convicted he's guilty and then you you've got bob menendez the senator from new jersey to use his office for a high dollar down at a get got downer to get me either to do favors under crowd first time in thirty six years they have had a fitting senator on trial for bribery target zero coverage you look at nancy or a debbie wasserman schultz and her it staffer at hero coverage so voters are smart mayor being at dayton get it and they think this russia thing it's ridiculous now i can type people come up to end the street there's there's howling at it and there's all these leaks coming out of the investigation clearly that's being done for a reason to put pressure on people to speaker of give up other people and as a former white collar defense attorney i see through all these little tactics rana mcdaniel it's always great to talk to you and now and keep us up to date about what the voters are expressing and i listen to the people every day and then uh each and every one of the matters to me who speak on the show and call in and they they just want resume and they're they're happy when the president delivers them in congress helps i appreciate it we'll take a break on the laura ingraham show close out this hour a lot more and tom cotton david purdue they say you better raise it what am i talking about don't go away the laura ingraham show i want to talk about the most important thing you can do right now to get our economy in our country moving and help stop a nancy pelosi led congress in 2018 you voted last year to drain the swamp to return money back to the hardworking taxpayers and small business owners of this country you voted for tax cuts but nothing's happened and that's why i'm urging you to go to tax cuts now dot com send a message to speaker ryan center mcconnell let them know that you voted for.

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