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Fifteenth twenty. Twenty one in los angeles. I'm tom merritt and from studio redwood. i'm sarah lane and that roger chang. The show's producer joining us christian cantrell. Who runs design prototyping at adobe and author of four science fiction novels including scorpion which was optioned for film and just recently released. I was lucky enough to have christian asked me to interview him for his book launch that we did online a few weeks ago christian. Good to have you on the show. Thanks so much for having me back. I think we determined that it was two thousand fourteen than i was last on. So yeah it's it's been a minute. Let's not make it so long for sure. We were just talking about the g mail through g mail interface phase. If you if you want hear live troubleshooting of tom and sarah trying to message each other over the new google chat Get good day. Internet become a member at patriotair dot com slash dpd s. Let's start with a few things you should the. Uk's competition and markets authority announced an official investigation into the mobile device ecosystem looking into the dominance of ios and android and the control that both have over at marketplace's results of the investigation are expected to be published within a year. The previously announced an investigation into whether apple unfair unfairly favored itself in the app store. The supreme court has overruled a twenty nine. Nine hundred ninth. Us circuit court of appeals decision. That had barred lincoln from preventing heike labs from harvesting personal data from public profiles. If you're not following it. The decision was heike. Labs can harvest the details from lincoln and the supreme court said no. We're thrown out. That decision the appeals court had ruled that the computer fraud and abuse act did not apply when no authorization was needed to access public user data. In other words. It's just there on the web The ruling was sent back to the ninth circuit by the supreme court to reconsider in light of the supreme court's own june fourth ruling on the computer fraud and abuse act which did find that someone could not be found guilty under the law for misusing information on a system. They have permission to access so it could end up the same decision it just needs a different legal justification. One plus announced the nord en a two hundred five g for two hundred forty dollars going on sale in the us to t mobile and metro. Customers june twenty-fifth. It will also come to canada or.

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