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People say that their elite did have issues like there. There are like two people. Oh okay go ahead. What was your. I've heard several no sorry. I don't have one. But i have several friends that told me their elites have like an issue with the trigger. They had to send it to send it back right. I had one for like two days before. I send it back and never tried again. Just use the normal right. Herrick keeps drinking visibility juice. But he's not disappearing. No that's so. I don't have to imagine if there was a drink that actually made you invisible. I'd be drinking that all the time. The nefarious things i do is a villain shock the world. Well not really. Most people know me wouldn't be shocked. What else we got very much very much. Like when you're on the news about what i did. And he's like checks like yeah that's checks out. What what else do we got on the list. Because i the highfalutin way in which i run this podcast always on time. Everything perfectly done so forgot. The topic. i thought was interesting. I don't know if you guys were aware of this. That warner bros actually has a patent on the nemesis system from the more games. Do you know what i mean. Yeah so for folks in chattanooga. Don't remember if you kill the particular dude in shadow of mordor or whatever. They would come back and they would have a grudge against you. Maybe they develop a resistance based on how you kill them. So apparently they have a patent on that and that's why we don't see it in more games and my first thought was thank fuck for that because actually didn't like that system too much. I thought it was really just kind of flawed in how it was done. Yanga fag were made no sense. Yeah yeah to. I a lot issues into one. It worked okay. I mean that doesn't mean can be improved upon and didn't get. It could be done differently so that it doesn't infringe on recap game johnny. The one F. one racing game has something like grid. Had the like arch bad guy system but that thing was just they just went to town all that really allowed them to do was crash into you without getting in trouble it was the weirdest system. So we yeah. We've seen some games. Try to do it but that could be why you might be right. Maybe that's why we haven't seen somebody call it that or have the exact same setup as they had but that just goes to show you guys that is a company sitting on so people give shit to a lot of companies but that's a company shitting on a programming idea. Yeah right and just saying yes. This is a system patented right. That to me is weird. It's almost like saying. I'm gonna patent a hood. Rectal the way The fucking hud works or your surprised about all this stuff to test been honestly. I'm saying it's absolutely shit here. Like because it's just like to me that so nebulous imagine somebody had For right imagine if somebody had patented migraine word right. Yeah yeah or birthday happy birthday. But i remember like ten years ago or something. I think there was like a lawsuit about someone. Claiming they had patented for hyper. Lynx like links really uh or did he just say that and hope he's going to get the british british telecom claimed he had a patent graded in one thousand nine hundred eighty.

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