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And maggie hassen now want him to step down all ready bases a senate ethics investigation after several women came forward last month accusing him of groping an inappropriate behaviour franken apologized for his behaviour but disputed some of the stories i know there were so that i can say the gang or drop from i know that going take time but time may have run out joining me now democratic strategist marianne marsh is also a member of the wbz political roundtable marianne thanks for being with us frank and really has no other options here does he he doesn't especially in the wake of the resignation of the longtime congressman john conyers from michigan the now the democrat certainly are doing what other industries have done in the media in hollywood and elsewhere but we don't yet see the republicans doing the same we have donald trump you have worry more coming up in an election next tuesday with many allegations against him you also have a member of congress at least one on the republican side representative barron bald from texas who is actually had an eighty four thousand dollars settlement he has been stepped down the now the democrats are stepping up the public can have not yet in politics hasn't caught up too many other industries in the wake of this me to movement have the midterm elections obviously looming large do you think democrats can get ahead of this with this particular way of dealing with it uh the resignations i think they already have and i think that makes a big big difference the democrats now can claim the moral high ground while the republicans haven't called for any of their members to step down let alone donald trump so there's a very big distinction there uh between democrats and republicans on this issue but the reality is we need to treat this sexual harassment sexual assault and everything else across the board every industry everyone should be treated fairly and there should be a zerotolerance policy every way it is sad that politics is lagging behind other industries but democrats now leading the way all right democratic strategist marianne marsh thing thank you donald trump jr gives testimony before congress in connection to russian interference in last year's election we'll have more ahead wbz news time seven 04 out to the roads.

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