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With no bail for allegedly leaving a threatening letter to vice President Pence on the Senate. Diess, You're listening to ABC News. And it's 5. 10 time for traffic and weather together. We'll start in our case, Kate Traffic Center has a look. Dana Hiss. It looks good for me. But anybody driving may have been, uh, having a nice time Bride to my Sacramento County public health. Actually, we're not in all that bad shape, but we do have issues downtown to the split is gonna be nine minutes on eastbound Cap City, a little heavy traffic, actually very heavy right there in the middle of Midtown. Beyond that, it looks great. You get on the 80, and that's a good drive 10 minutes as you make your way out. The Douglass Boulevard. If you're going to hell, Grove south bound I five's away to go. There's no slowdown whatsoever. Not so lucky on 99. It's about 13. Maybe 14 minutes with some heavy stuff as you get off 50 all the way down to about 47. So some delays for you there. Maybe even further. At this point, I'm just looking down 10 to Folsom 19 minutes. He's found 50 and off to Woodland north on I 5 16 minute ride there, boy. No problems by five either direction going into or out of woodland coming into Davis. It's gonna be very heavy on the eastbound side from 1 13 to just pass Makes Boulevard eastbound That's westbound. Westbound is just nine minutes and you head out of the downtown area to Mace Boulevard. And your actions today help protect all of us tomorrow Wear a mask. Avoid large gatherings in practice social distancing to slow the spread of covert 19 visits at county koba dot com To learn more about how to keep our community safer Traffic on the tens, every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons staying ahead snooze 93.1 kfbk. Mostly clear skies for tonight with some patchy late night fog and low 44 to 48. Sunshine in areas of high clouds for tomorrow with.

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