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The portal vein brings Venus blood to the liver while this artery brings oxygenated arterial blood. What is the pulmonary? No. What is that paddick hypnotic? Oh. Wait a minute. The category. Yeah. Something doesn't look right. Then read in front of you negative. Yeah. You'd better get out of the whole used a slang word dime, which you're a gamble. You know that two thousand when you make a bet used the word I'm not at the thousand dollars, but they're going to start to do that to him. Now, make sure that he hits daily double early because the other way, he's just amazing way too much money. So that if in fact, somebody else gets deli double they can't catch them. So if they start to put that daily double every night on the one thousand or two thousand dollars Biggio, he can't double his money when he's got zero all you can Venice it thousand or to the problem becomes when the guy's got eight thousand dollars. He hits daily double on a six hundred dollar question. Now, he's got sixteen thousand the game's over at that point. They cannot amass enough money to catch them. So well best thing that can happen as he gets a a daily double early in each round because he just can't bet the money. He doesn't have it. Right. That's what happened in less than in the in the red. And then in the in double. Jeopardy. The opponent, Adam LeVine, eleven whatever the hell his name is. He got the secondary double. He nailed it. And then he got the answer. Correct. So they were close, and they were very close. But he was he was still below holes hours final. So when they went into final jeopardy. It was if hotel got it wrong, he would've lost. He went to lost. He would have lost. Did he figure out the man? Just right. When amount of what he would have won by eighteen bucks. He was a head. So in other words, yes, he gave the right amount of money. So he couldn't have lost. This is the very end the oldest of these business booster groups formed in Marseilles, in fifteen hundred ninety nine uses instead of of in the name, go to Adam LeVine, he had twenty seven thousand he made our champion James work hard today and Adam came up with the correct response. What is chamber of commerce and his wager almost everything had Shaya buck. He's in the lead with fifty three thousand nine hundred ninety nine James now thirty three thousand five seventeen going in came up with the correct response. I can't believe that he made a mistake in waitress as take a look twenty thousand five hundred just enough takes him up to fifty.

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