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Minutes of the time now that American trucking network and it's almost become a tradition that we wrap up the show talking to our friend the pants and he's on the lines you will get to him here shortly but another bit of and again we didn't get to the industry headlines at the outset of the show as we normally do because we were in the middle of a long running college football game none of the UC bear cats up setting university of central Florida on the gridiron this past night then a big win for you see yeah but we didn't we we can get started until like twelve thirty so we can get to the industry headlines and there's been another study conducted crunching the numbers as to you know when where and how truck accidents happen most of fatal trucking crashes occur. between eleven in the morning and four in the afternoon not overnight. but during the day time eleven AM to four PM and while that's that's interesting because as on either side of the rush hours you would think you know the traditional rush hours where traffic is the heaviest and you know like sort of what sixty nine in the morning and wonder what is about four to seven or three to six in the afternoon the traditional rush hours but it's actually in between the two that we see the most fatal truck. rashes occur eleven to four with the peak hour being one o'clock in the afternoon. more than twenty one percent of all large truck drivers involved in fatal crashes crashes rather had at least one. meeting to get. one speeding conviction as a matter of fact prior to the crash nearly the same number is that of passenger car drivers by the way but let's keep the focus on our truck driving friends from it failure to yield the right of way he was the most common truck driver behavior related to fatal truck crashes and in case you were interested according to the country of the numbers I ten is the most fatal road in the nation for truck crashes now as far as the breakdown from week day two weekend we've got the most fatal trucking accidents occurring on the week days with the fewest occurring on Sundays by far followed by Saturday and well that's probably get more to do with the numbers of that point with a lot of trucks off the road for the weekend we got the over the road drivers yes that are rolling all weekend long but there's a lot of guys that the the dedicated center in on Friday afternoon Friday evening and shut it down until Monday so a lot of trucks do go off the road during the weekend but the weekends in general of always been the best time to drive a truck is traffic generally in a day weekend overnights because traffic is generally the light is then so if you are one of those whose out you know two three four five weeks at a time driving overnight and driving particularly on Saturday morning like it is now or Sunday morning is really the best time does traffic is soon light that it's time to get into an accident with another vehicle all.

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